Why do the Spirits Communicate using Symbols?

Entering the Spirit Realm

Anyone who has done a few shamanic journeys knows that our questions are rarely answered with direct yes or no answers. You may also visit a shaman in your journey and find that the information they give you is written in symbols or is told in a visual story. The information the spirits give in a shamanic journey has a deeper meaning then you may understand. To deep to put into words, that is why you hardly ever speck in a journey because the information is just to deep. So our spirits may through up some symbols or act a certain way and you have to break down what it all means. The information that us given to us in a journey is just too complex for words. That is why we are given stories and symbols.

Take the moment to think about the word meaning. For instance lets say someone said that they were depressed. How depressed are they? How strong is that emotion? Does it weigh on them lightly or heavily? Are they just getting over the depression? That person would have to use a bunch of words to explain exactly how they are feeling and why they feel that way. This is the same for why the spirits use symbols when explaining the information. One symbol can answer your entire question. You just need to take the time and understand what that symbol means. After returning from your journey, take the time to look up the symbol or symbols online.

So when you get an answer it is in the form of a story or a metaphor.  The stories and metaphors are usually not direct. When you ask a question in a journey, the purpose of the answer is not only to give you a deeper understanding, but it is also meant to shift you into a new direction. Sometimes, you get an answer that makes no sense to you and one day it just hits you. That is because a journey is meant to speak to you on higher levels. After all, the spirit realm is a higher place for your subconscious self. Some of these are levels that you may not be conscious of. Your subconscious is aware of a bunch of stuff that you never think out loud.

Such as, you meet someone new and you get this bad vibe and you just know there is something not right about this person. But, your not entirely sure but, somehow you know. Then, next week you found out that person was a drug lord. So, when you get a symbol it speaks to the deeper part of yourself. This part of you knows what the symbol means, and then the other part has no clue what it means. Once that part of you receives the information. You didn’t know that the spirits answered your question, but they did.

Interesting things can happen during your journey. You may fall 3 levels before entering where your spirit guide is. The last level may be foggy and in a forest. You may come to a campfire and a native American shows up. If you ask about your spirit animal, he may crumble some leaves and throw them in the fire. Your animal protector may show up. Sometimes, if your main goal is to see your animal protector, you may be walking along in the spirit realm and see a wolf, or an eagle. But, if you go to the spirit realm with questions, just know you may only see symbols or given a visual story. Words are rarely used. Telepathy is the way you communicate in the spirit realm.

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