Accessing Your Akashic Records

Part of the awakening process as a higher conscious human being is learning about your past. I am not talking about your 10 years ago your past, instead, I am talking about 10 lifetimes ago your past. I am talking about your previous lives and what you did in those lives that may have an impact on your life today. As a spiritual advisor in this life, I have had the opportunity to see very deep into some clients lives. When they allow this it is possible for me to see what past lives they may have lived. In doing this it is possible for your spiritual advisor, psychic advisor spiritual guide (not to be confused with spirit guide) whatever you want to call me, to see into your Akashic records.

According to Wikepedia, “In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.”

As a psychic medium, among many other gifts I have, it is possible for me to access your Akashic records by using a Shamanic trace state and going into the spirit realm, learning about your past life or lives and then go even deeper with the intent of learning what things in those past lives that you may have done or experienced that are having an affect, good or bad, in your current life. Why would someone want to do that you ask? Well its quite simple when you understand that we are all karmic beings and we are all here with karma on our plates. Everything about this current life is based on past karma. And in knowing that you are more awake. But in knowing your past karmic actions and deeming certain things in this life is the result, you can begin to dilute your negative karma and change things in this life for you.

Wow, I know that must really seem pretty deep but the Akashic records are not new and were first mentioned by Deloris Cannon, may she rest in peace. Through her lifetime of work on earth, she was able to put people into trance like states using a sort of Quantum hypnosis that made it possible for her to tap into a persons higher self, the light being that is within all of us, and ask questions. Through asking the right questions she learned of the Akashic records and so today, we know a lot about this. As your psychic/spiritual advisor I am learning to access these records for you. By working together with me, or your personal spiritual advisor, we can begin to decode this life for you and see what needs to be done to expel certain things from this life.

Maybe you are interested in your past lives just to know about who or what you were, accessing your records I can tell you who or what lives you lived before and possibly even experiences you had. It is possible to see if you were a magician or musician or psychic or maybe a homesteader or native American and the skills that come along with living those type of lives you would of had then. Well you can access those skills and have that knowledge again in this life. It is just something you’ve forgotten, but you once knew, as a different being. So it means if you wish to pursue a musical career, for example, but are having trouble learning to sing or play an instrument, and in a past life you knew how to sing or play, then you can have that knowledge again through accessing those records.

How did you die in a past life, is that why you are suffering from certain things in this life, like possibly there is an imprint on this life, mentally, from that experience. Maybe an unexplained scar you have in this life, on this body, is the result of an imprint from a previous life disaster. Does that scar tell how you died or if you had suffered a trauma? Maybe you have an unexplained fear in this life of snakes and have a scar on your leg that looks to be a snake bite but you’ve  never been bitten in this life? All of this and more can be learned about by accessing your Akashic records.

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