What is happening to me?

It’s a fair question, in today’s world things are changing, you are changing. But why? What is changing about you and why is it happening and what does it mean? Maybe something is wrong with you? It’s a question that as a professional spiritual advisor I get all the time. Now let me be clear about how I get this question because even that very question is not thought about to be asked. Instead, I can hear that question in my mind as I read a lot of other client’s questions. What I am saying is I read into those questions I get on a daily basis and for some reason, more and more, I have been sensing the question, “what is happening to me” from within most all my client’s questions. Its as if they are asking that question to me and something inside me understands it even though on the outside the human side of my client and the human side of myself never ask the question and do not verbally word it.

I know, from experience that I am hearing the lead of my spirit guide so that I properly know how to answer client’s questions. Certain ones, that come to me are send to me because it is their time to awaken and it is my job to awaken them. I do this daily. As an enlightened/awakened being I am at the forefront of masses of people coming to me on a weekly basis that is a bit overwhelming if I were not in the zone. Many time I go into a trance when I answer client’s questions so in-depth that it makes people awe over the details. I constantly get this, “that was a lot to take in” or “that was overwhelming” or “that was a lot of information”. For me it is normal to have this amount of information coming through me, I do it every single day with clients.

But I forget that it is overwhelming to my clients. But I want to answer that question for all of you reading this because I feel it is much easier to answer it like this than each individual person. So here goes.

It has been told for a long time now that a shift in human consciousness will take place. But that entails a lot. Actually this is not an event that just all of a sudden showed up. It has been happening slowly for a long time. However, as we get nearer and nearer to whatever the end of the process is, and whatever event (which I believe exists) is supposed to take place, the whole process has been pushed up into overdrive, if you will. So now this evolution of mankind into a higher consciousness state is really moving forward and the effects are taking people by surprise. Those that have been a bit hard headed and waking up slower than others are finding that this sped up process is changing them so fast and so much that it is hard to understand what is happening to themselves.

I am constantly doing Life Path readings now. It was not like that just a few months ago. I have been seeing a big influx of those wanting me to reveal to them what it is they were meant to do on earth, and some are actually asking that question like that. The facts are, you are part of the biggest shift in consciousness the world will ever see or experience. Now the earth herself is not immune. In fact, how it works begins with the planet. As the planet raises her vibration so to, every living being ON the planet is effected and has their own vibration raised. As the raising of her vibration speeds up, so does yours. If you have had it slow going up to now about waking up and becoming a deeper, higher conscious being, well…welcome to the party. You will be part o this process there is no way out and it will be a trip, believe me.

I have been awakening my entire life as I was sent to earth as part of the 3 waves of Starseeds that have been coming. It is my direct mission to help those on the planet awaken with this evolution into a higher conscious state. Although the process of awakening and upgrading effects each person differently, some of the symptoms that you could experience are:

  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Feeling lost
  • Wanting a new career
  • Wanting a new relationship
  • Wanting to be alone instead of connected in a relationship
  • Wanting to travel the world
  • Wanting to read more
  • Wanting to eat better and taking on whole new diets
  • Taking on whole new lifestyles that you usually wouldn’t consider
  • A shift towards an interest in Buddhism
  • A new found interest in psychics, metaphysical stuff etc.
  • A new found interest in new music that feeds the soul, such as Kirtan, chanting and mantra
  • Feeling homesick even when you are in your house
  • Noticing you are effected more by the moon, sun, a clear starry night and planetary events
  • A feeling of wanting to help others
  • A feeling of wanting to change the world
  • A shift to a more artistic you
  • Psychic abilities waking up
  • Vivid dreams that are becoming intense and more often

And these are just some of the things that people are experiencing. It is easy to understand that a gradual change in oneself is easier to deal with than a fast paced change. Some of you will handle it just fine and some of you will notice it more than others. Contacting your spiritual advisor who is in the know about this stuff and working one on one over weeks, months at a time is the best way to really learn who you are becoming and what you need to do to make the shift to higher consciousness easiest.

The old saying holds true here, “resistance is futile and will only make it harder.” Starseed Psychics was founded by two actual Starseed beings Windwalker and Spiritwalker (myself) based on this exact event. Please contact one of us through the website and see what we can do to help and teach you all you need to know to make this transition much easier and more successful for you.

Basic Meditations For Beginners, by Spiritwalker. Meditations are one of the changes you need to make in order to survive the stress of this rapid change. Learning who you really are and destroying the illusion of who you thought you were will help you understand what is happening to you.

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