Twin Flames and the 144,000

So many people today, misusing the term Twin Flame. However, this is not based on disrespect, instead this in based on ignorance. When you are reincarnated back to earth, you will meet many souls that your soul knows. We are all the same energy, although we possess our own energy, it still flows together when we are in that form. When that energy is reassigned into a body your same soul energy goes into that womb and becomes that body. When you are alive, walking the planet, going about your life you will meet many soul mates. A soul mate is someone you’ve had a relationship, of some type, in a past life. So your souls are connected by an energy that will be quite familiar and wonderful, usually.

However, in the Bible we can read about 144,000 souls that were sent here some 8 million years ago to remain over many lifetimes performing a divine mission. Of the 144K souls, 72K souls are Twin Flames to the other 72K, making the chosen 144K. So a Twin Flame is the result. Twin Flame means the other half of a soul. Twin Flames are not soul mates are not Kindred souls, are not meant to meet nor do they hardly ever meet. In fact, it is very rare to meet your twin flame over multiple incarnations to Earth even. When I Twin Flame meets their twin you can bet that the connection is amazing. Think about meeting someone like you 100%, down to the very thoughts you make, telepathically connected, even on the same life path, sometimes.

For those of you that feel you’ve met your soul mate, you probably have. But it is not “your soul mate” as much as it is “one of your soul mates”. You see you’ve had so many lifetimes which means you’ve had so many relationships that there is no doubt that you will meet a soul mate. However, that is not your twin flame on most accounts. Why was the soul split into two halves? Because a divine mission your soul agreed to accept, if you are a twin flame, then you have volunteered to be one of the chosen 144K that are here to save humanity. Through the help of Light workers and even spirit guides the 144 will make a way for humanity to survive. The mission is ongoing and never over, yet your soul never gives up.

One more thing, some people are claiming that they have found their Twin Flame in their own child. This is actually not possible, although a twin flame can be child+adult, just not in the same Earth family. This is because the experiences each twin learns through has to be different because even though they are twins they have different experiences to teach them how to be successful in the body they were given. So the next time you meet an awesome person and just know he or she is your twin flame, think about the connection you could have had in a past life as soul mates because that is probably who you have found. As a note, a soul mate could have been your lover, best friend, brother, sister, mother, father, son or daughter. You could have been married, life long partners or best friends. And if you were in a biological family together, that would make them a kindred soul too.

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