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For our Holistic Adviser subscription service, we currently retain one of the most renowned Holistic Masters in the world (no joke). Master Adviser Spiritwalker has written and published over 50 books on the subjects of natural living, sustainability, self-sufficiency, holistic medicine, and much more, 1000’s of articles, and a handful of blog websites on the same subjects.

He is a traditional American medicine man, Master Herbalist, natural living guru, Certified Medical Specialist, and natural-born Indigo Starseed Psychic! Let him advise you on all aspects of your life and health daily…naturally! The Holistic Adviser subscription will save you loads of cash and open up huge ways in which you will be in constant contact with your advisor, which is not available with the single holistic service.

Disclaimer: We make no claims to the validity of holistic medicine we only offer our knowledge, per request, for educational purposes only.

Why book with Starseed Psychics? https://starseedpsychics.com/2021/11/07/what-can-starseed-psychics-com-offer-me

Our teaching blog is at https://www.starseedpsychics.com/blog

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