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Get answers from past loved ones who have recently passed on. Using Psychic Medium Readings. Shamans are those who are able to walk between the realms of the physical and spirit world, any impressions or messages left by those who have passed on can be harvested. Sometimes if the crossing over is very new, a medium psychic can speak with your loved one and get direct answers or pass on a message for you.

Please understand that this service is for speaking with the deceased only. Also, understand we all reincarnate and this happens very fast, usually, within 2 weeks tops, this means they are not in the spirit realm just hanging out so no one or no psychic medium can communicate with your loved one, in this case. Do not be fooled, false teachings and dogmatic beliefs are outdated so your mind and understanding need to be updated. One of the missions of the Starseeds is to reteach the truth.

With that being said, if your loved one has been gone longer than 2 weeks, please do not order a Psychic Medium Reading, UNLESS there is an interesting circumstance that took place during the living time where you think there could have been an impression left behind by your loved one for someone to find the truth. Otherwise, please concentrate on possibly reconnecting with your loved one in the physical realm in the form of another human, animal, or living being of sorts…as a soulmate.

We offer FREE consultations of 30 minutes if you need to understand this further.


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