Reiki Instruction/Certification


Reiki level I through master instruction and certification



As a Reiki practitioner, you will learn to be a natural healer, a conduit for the universal energy that is known as chi or ki or Reiki.

Master Psychic Spiritwalker is a Reiki master which gives him the universal ability and legality to teach others this ancient healing art to include the ability to do the attunements that complete your training as a Reiki practitioner.

Your reiki instruction will include a month of instruction, alignment, and clearing of your chakras using distant Reiki, it includes document reading, video watching, self-practice, check-ups by your teacher via live support using telephone, chat, email, and video conferencing.

For those that are able, in-person attunements will be done, otherwise, the attunements can and will be done via video conferencing. Certificates will be mailed at the completion of each level. 1, 2, 3, and master level.

*If you plan on moving through the entire Reiki course, purchase the levels in the proper order (your pace) or purchase the entire course at once to take advantage of the $400 discount.

*Can’t pay for the whole thing at once? With our integrated Paypal, Pay in 4 option, you can now make your payments in monthly installments. There is no risk of losing your subscription because Starseed Psychics is paid in full by Paypal whether you stop payments or not, your subscription goes through and stays valid!


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