Blue Ray Healing



Blue Ray healing is a natural phenomenon in that some very special and very spiritual souls are gifted to be used for the sole benefit of other live beings.

Simply put, a blu-ray’s energy always streams from them and surrounds space and anything in the space where the blu-ray healer is located. Anyone or anything in that area will be divinely protected and healed. The evidence that supports this is extraordinary and undeniable. Some call the blue-ray healers angels, some call them saints, and some call them bodhisattvas, but for us, Master Psychic Spiritwalker is our resident BR healer, and we are delighted to be able to offer you this service.

This session will get you 3 days of Blue Ray energy directed to you wherever you are, just like Distant Reiki works. There is nothing natural energy healing, like this, cannot touch.


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