Feng Shui Ideas To Enhance Your Living Space

Feng shui, what is it? In a nutshell, it is the ancient Chinese art of arranging items in your space to improve the flow of chi, or the universal life energy. If the feng shui in your space is done properly then the chi will flow constantly, and this will improve the energy in your space which in turn will improve everything about your life. What I will do here is talk about some ideas to improve the living room in your home. Since more and more people are at home these days, working and living out of their home constantly, it is imperative that the energy does not stagnate, which can cause all sorts of issues.

Because the living room is used during the day, mostly, it is not meant to be a dark room. Many people will come to visit sometimes, and you will host them in the living room at some time or another. The energy in this room needs to feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, cozy and any other words that could be used here. It is where relaxation takes place, mostly. Conversations abound in the living room too, and sometimes these conversations are about business or romance. These are important areas in life that should be treated with as much respect as possible. So, you want the living room to feel like this, comfortable. From the color scheme to the shape of the furniture, it is all important.

Soft furniture should be utilized in this room. Pictures of family smiling and being happy and loving one another is good. Wooden furniture is the best, it gives the area a feel of nature and natural surrounding which is grounding and that is good for relaxation. Tall plants, such as mini trees are nice in the corners to soften the bend of those corners. Energy will flow much better when the corners are curved instead of bent. Enough soft white lighting is great, you do not want a real dark room which is reminiscent of sleeping, save that for the bedrooms only. Dark curtains in the living room are not a good idea. You want natural lighting in this room, again, to create a warm feeling.

All tables and flat tops need to be rounded to prevent any “chi arrows.” Chi arrows is concentrated chi directed at people; this is never a good idea. If you do not want to replace the furniture that has points, then a good feng shui trick is to simply place a covering over the top so that is drapes and covers the sharp corners naturally. This will soften the arrows and prevent issues with concentrated chi. Lamps are good as in feng shui they symbolize a fire element, which is warm. Use lamps to lighten up areas that is a little darker than other areas. Mirrors in the living room is not a good idea however, water features such as tabletop fountains are! Paired with the trees you have placed; the water element will naturally boost the feeling of nature. Make sure not to place a water element to close to areas where people will sit. The water can be loud.

Plastic on furniture just adds a feeling of unnatural surroundings as well as a cold element, not a good idea in any part of the home. If you insist on a covering, go with soft coverings that can be removed easily and washed every so often. Curtains can be long and dark but should remain open in the day to allow natural sunlight in. This is the reason you find fireplaces in the living room of many houses today, that natural warm element goes very well with this room and what it is meant for. Arrange the things in this room like this. The west side’s element is metal, enhanced by earth, exhausted by water and destroyed by fire. Therefore, it is beneficial to expose golden, silver, copper, grey or white colors as well as circular features or patterns for the element metal, or yellow, ocher and beige colors, as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element earth.

This is also the place to display pictures of grandchildren and children as west is also the wall to build happiness for children and those wanting to conceive children. East’s element is wood, enhanced by water, exhausted by fire and destroyed by metal. Therefore, it is beneficial to expose dark green and brown colors as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element wood, or blue, black and purple colors, as well as undulated features or patterns for the element water. It’s the perfect place for a water element. The south’s element is fire, enhanced by wood, exhausted by earth and destroyed by water. Therefore, it is beneficial to expose red, pink and orange colors as well as triangular features or patterns for the element fire, or green and brown colors, as well as rectangular features or patterns for the element wood. This is the place to display a lamp, candles or certificates on the wall

The north’s element is water, enhanced by metal, exhausted by wood and destroyed by earth. Therefore, it is beneficial to expose blue, purple and black colors as well as undulated features or patterns for the element water, or golden, silver, copper, gray or white colors, as well as circular features or patterns for the element metal. Water features will do well here too. Also, please do not crowd this space, one single item on the wall and one on a table display is perfect. Be on the lookout for more feng shui ideas right here in the near future!

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