Copal Resin- Ancient Mayan Wisdom For Raising Your Vibration

Copal is an exceptional and incredibly spiritual resin that is gotten from the Protium Copal tree, a resin from the Buresa tree family found in Mexico and Central America. At the point when Copal resin is burned, it makes a heavenly smoke that is known to clear negative energies, energize those with higher awareness and profound insights and infiltrate us with higher vibrations. Despite the fact that it is alluded to as “resin”, Copal is, in reality, less solidified and resinous than amber, yet a lot denser than sap; one could state that Copal resin is someplace in the center and falls under its own individual class. Truly, it should be like this, considering how remarkable Copal truly is.

Proof of how uncommon Copal is can be found in many spiritual books including the well-known Bible, which notes that Jesus got Copal as one of the spiritual blessings previously given to him as an infant. Widely acclaimed civic establishments like the Native Americans and Ancient Egyptians utilized Copal as a significant piece of their customs. Copal is less prevalent than others of its type used for space clearings. For example, frankincense, sage, or Palo Santo, however, has a specific capacity to its aroma like no other. One whiff of its smoke and I figure you would totally agree! When Copal resin is burned, it makes thick smoke that has an aroma that is fresh, woodsy, perfect, and unwinding like that of Pine.

The Copal smoke is used to recuperate, balance, and ensure our physical and fiery bodies. Regardless of your identity, when used with the best possible expectation, Copal will expand the vibration in any space. This could be your home, office, room, or workshop, it can even be outside your entryway as it floats out to purify the area! Burning Copal has the ability to change and redirect undesirable vitality, wash down precious negative energies, make a space holy, stir truth and associate you with a higher part of yourself, also called a higher conscious state. Many have used Copal in their very own ceremonies to give them a rich Loving feeling that stays present for the duration of the day and focuses their mind.

I realize that by burning it over and over, alongside a conjuring, new neural pathways are fortified, which advance all sounds and understandings, this is a profound method for living. Copal has additionally been used as a strategy for divination as shamans would burn the resin and “read” the smoke. On different occasions, contingent on conviction, the shaman would cast grains of corn in the fire or while holding them in the smoke and reciting, could read the energy. However, you decide to burn the resin, make sure it is on a bed of sand to prevent damage to anything it touches. Never touch it with your hands when it is burning, it can look cool and be very sappy hot!

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