Diluting Negative Karma

Many people ask how they can get rid of their negative karma. Karma that has been created and then paid for and then created again and then paid for again. The answer is you can’t. In 2008 I was ordained as a Zen Priest. I have been following the path of a lay Priest since. One of the things we study and teach and know much about is karma. So, then if you cannot get rid of past life karma, what can you do? All karma must be repaid. This means 100 good deeds cannot erase even 2 bad deeds, it must be repaid. However, there IS good news in all this. Your negative karma can be diluted.

Diluted karma will take less action to repay and the effects on your life, as repayment is completed, will be less dramatic. Just about every awakened soul in almost every country, except for in the west…the US, understands that this life, we are living now, can be used, and should be used to dilute their negative karma. That way, life in future incarnations will be more pleasant. There are ways in which we can dilute our karma and it can be blended with our current spiritual practice and for life. There is a mantra, given to us by the spirit realm, in which incantations of it will dilute your negative karma.

It sounds simple, repeat a mantra and dilute negative karma because it is. It was not meant to be hard and will always work for you. In fact, it is so easy to chant a mantra that you do not even have to chant it aloud. Silently in your mind, as you go about your daily life is enough. Also, the incantation of this mantra can be done in many ways. The spirit realm has allowed for the mantra to be used in as many ways as you can fathom. Any use of this ancient mantra will dilute your karma. So, what is this magical mantra? “Om Mani Padme Hum” is the mantra. This mantra is so powerful that repeating it 108 times will dilute your negative karma a bit with each repetition.

I mentioned that you can employ the power of this mantra in many different ways and the universe has made it acceptable. Here is a list of ways you can employ the power of Om Mani Padme Hum:

  1. Chanting, either silently or aloud.
  2. Thinking of the mantra over and over as if you are mental chanting.
  3. Hanging prayer flags that have the mantra printed on each flag where the flags will blow in the wind constantly. Each wave of the flag is accepted as recitation of the mantra.
  4. Sitting in meditation and visualizing the mantra in a pulse like fashion as if it is being chanted mentally.
  5. Display the mantra printed on different home décor items.
  6. Listen to the mantra being chanted or sung as much as you can.
  7. Purchase and display a “chanting box” where it will not be a hinderance, such as in your bedroom, or study room, home office or meditation room. Allow the chanting box to play constantly. Every time you are in sound distance you will hear the mantra.
  8. Get a prayer wheel (om mani padme hum printed) installed in your space, everytime you pass by it, spin the wheel as you pass by.

So where can you get this mantra? With a simple search online, you can locate videos that can be of assistance. This mantra will also create a feeling of peace and serenity in any space that it is played constantly. I personally used to know a few co-workers, when I was working in a different field of work, still practicing a Zen way of life, that would turn this mantra on with their cell phones and just let it play quietly in their back pockets as they worked and worked around others. What is the significance of that? Well, this mantra is so powerful that anyone who hears it, will experience awakening at some level. It will create a feeling of peace and protection, for them, if you have this playing on your person and enter another person’s space. Indirectly doing a good deed, creating good karma, for those you are near.

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