The Surprising Truth About Soulmates

What is a soulmate? We’ve been told to believe that a soulmate is someone who meets our every wish and needs when it comes to love. They are considered, “the one” that we will be spending the rest of our life with. This definition reinforces our idealistic and naïve views:

A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness, and happiness when you are around them. And when you are not around them, you are all that much more aware of the harshness of life, and how bonding with another person in this way is the most significant and satisfying thing you will experience in your lifetime. You are also all that much aware of the beauty in life because you have been given a great gift and will always be thankful.

But, the truth is, if you buy into this glossy, shiny definition of “soulmate,” you’ll miss out on experiencing the true meaning of finding a soulmate as well as being one to someone else. You’ll meet many soulmates in your lifetime, many, thousands! As your soul evolves, each partner meets you where you’re at in life. A soulmate is someone with whom you can be yourself but is not necessarily a perfect fit. A soulmate can be your daughter, co-worker, mother, best friend, or lover. A soulmate is simply a soul that you’ve met in other past lives, it can be the very previous life or 10 lives ago. As long as you’ve met them once, they are now on the soulmate list.

I’ve had many clients come to me asking if this man or woman is their soulmate, in most cases, yes. But, they come to me with the mindset that this person is meant to be their lover, their lifetime partner that their soul has been waiting for since they were born. However, not all soulmate connections are all hearts and flowers. A soulmate may meet you in this life for just a short time but enough time to repay karmic debt or to teach a lesson that either you or both were meant to learn. I’ll teach my clients the truth about soulmates and sometimes they understand and other times, they are in denial of the truth.

However, at Starseed Psychics, we teach the truth, some are ready to receive it, some aren’t, and that is okay. We understand that some are meant to awaken in this life while some aren’t, it all depends on your karma. So now that we understand the real truth of soulmates, I will list signs that you’ve met a soulmate or 50. However, you don’t need to read signs and symptoms to determine rather you’ve met a soulmate or not. Your soul will know, I promise.

  • You feel like you known each other far longer than you have
  • You share a similar backstory before meeting
  • Your ideals are closely matched with one another
  • You have an almost telepathic understanding
  • You empower each other without becoming co-dependent
  • You feel like there’s nothing you can’t handle together
  • You can hold long comfortable silences with one another
  • They know you better than you know yourself
  • Your soulmate comes into your life representing huge chang
  • You act as each other’s teacher
  • You’re willing to put their need before your own
  • You experience huge synchronicities that keep drawing you together
  • There is an unconditional acceptance of each other just as you are
  • You can talk about anything together
  • You respect each other’s personal boundaries

The concept of a soulmate can be very romantic if you understand the energy, provided you’re with someone you love and feel good with. The concept of soulmates can delude us into believing that once you find your person, everything will be perfect and easy and that’s just not true. Energy can be very romantic and sexual if you connect with that soulmate no matter who they are. We are nothing but energy within a body that we will never own. Our souls were put into a shell to distinguish us apart and to be accepted by the human eyes. Understanding that we are all energy, who are we? WHO are YOU? Let that sink in. Sure, you have a name, but that name doesn’t tell anybody who you are. It is nothing more but a human label to distinguish us apart and be accepted by society.

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