How childhood brainwashing, religious pressure & dogmatic beliefs can affect your adult life

Are you having issues as an adult in different aspects of your life? Do you think your issues may be attached to childhood emotional trauma due to your harsh or dogmatic religious upbringing? You are not alone! In fact, statistics show that the population that shares this belief with you is actually growing, today. Many things are changing with humanity and one of those things is the spiritual awakening of the generations. New generations are showing up and those generations are different in all aspects of past human generations. In the spiritual realm, these new souls are showing up already awakened. Known as Starseeds these people were once children that even then were more awakened spiritually than regular children.

They may have been raised in a family with very dogmatic and closed man-made religious views/beliefs. Because the child was an awakened being, those beliefs had to be forced on them to really stick. This resulted in emotional trauma most of the time. Because this soul was still a child with no powers to fight their parents over them, they had no choice but to give in and accept a belief system that did not sit right with them intellectually. As they aged, the beliefs were constantly enforced and they were punished when they rebelled against those religious beliefs. As a child, they were forced to bury their true awakened wisdom. Growing up, eventually, those suppressed ideas would be challenged by their upbringing ideas.

Adults like this tend to grow up distant and having social issues. Those issues will ultimately have a negative impact on areas of their lives such as relationships and even their career! However, when these people are given the opportunity to really be themselves, in a world that is made to nurture their religious upbringing, they relax, excel, and can release the energy pent up inside them that has been there their whole lives. This release paves the way for them to relax more and feel more confident in all they wish to do in their life. Constantly suppressing the natural tendency, this entire population of Starseed soul’s share, to follow their awakened spiritual understandings, causes the soul to remain in a life of prison if you will.

Can you imagine this! Suppressing any sort of energy that needs to be released will cause internal struggles emotionally. We are all meant to walk our own path, a path set before our souls when we were reincarnated. Also known as soul contracts, we were all given a life path to follow. Religion has a different approach to this and the approach has nothing to do with the spiritual nature of the soul. In fact, in most religions, your soul is damned until you “repent”. The individual will live in fear their whole life after this brainwashing, always afraid of where they stand with God. This is a dogmatic and potentially harmful belief that is not right for all people, especially the new generations of today.

Upon further investigation, we can talk about the potentially harmful false beliefs associated with the past supernatural categories that were created long before the truth had been discovered, as it is today. What am I referring to? One belief in particular, that has its roots in a time when we knew nothing about death except for what religion wanted everyone to believe, is, what happens when we die. The old dogmatic belief is that unless you repent because you are born such a bad person, that your soul will never die and be tortured in a place under the earth or in the earth called…hell. The problem with that belief is, it cannot stand up to the truth that has become all but mainstream in today’s world. Reincarnation.

Not only has reincarnation been proven, all but perfectly scientifically, but there are more people in the world today that will tell you they know it is real because of some past life experience or spiritual awakening that corresponds with everyone else. We have toddlers that are being born now that are returning and telling the story of how they died and actually leading authorities to shallow, hidden graves where their old bodies are being unearthed. Down to the very details or who they were, where they lived, and how they died, are being shared and coming up proven. Explain that, if you do not believe in reincarnation.

Dolores Cannon, rest her soul, was the world’s most powerful psychic medium known to humanity. She coined the term “Quantum Hypnosis” where she would place verified Starseed souls under and ask them questions about reincarnation, death, life, themselves, and the spirit realm. She recorded every session on audio and then wrote a library of books detailing her findings. And author she was, powerful psychic medium and I for one would shake her hand if she were still alive today! She discovered the information we have on Starseeds, reincarnation, death and life and the spirit realm. Her findings, alone, blow the old dogmatic beliefs out of the water.

So, I said all that to say this…if reincarnation is real, if we are only dead for a few weeks max, as Miss. Cannon discovered, then how are ghosts real, spooks, supernatural sounds, moaning, groaning and hauntings? Don’t the dearly departed soul have more important things to do on such little time in the spirit realm? Of course, we do! It is conceivable that a spirit can stick around for a short time, trying to figure out what is happening and where to go, but extended periods of time and all the ghost related stuff just isn’t reality. However, TV views, ratings, and money sure can have a different say so about that, huh! And that IS all it is about, take note.

Besides, the soul hauntings paired with the religious teachings of what happens upon death, just…does…not…correspond to one another. This is why when a client comes to me and says, “I am being haunted or I am being cursed please can you help” it spawns a spiritual lesson as opposed to a chance to make another dollar…at least for Starseed Psychics! If there is one thing certain, we are not here to take your money, we are here to teach the truth and tare down the old, false beliefs that WERE actually built to make more money, IE: The olden days of the all famous mystical Fortune Teller.

Now what about human powers of evil, witchcraft and magic? Does it actually work, can someone place a spell on you, curse you, cause your life to fall apart, make you sick etc.? The short answer is, only if you allow them to. You may ask, how would you allow them to? Simple, by believing in it. Any real, mature, and good practitioner of magic will tell you; it is only real and will only work IF you believe in it. How do I know that? Because for 1, my path has not always been a straightforward healing, lightworker, good one. In fact, my personal path to this point had all sorts of turns and dead ends, curves, and side paths. The bottom line is, FEAR is a very powerful tool for those that are looking to cause you suffering.

We all have been taught and know that our brains are so powerful we can hardly actually fathom the truth. We have people that can think themselves into the grave…literally. Think themselves sick, healed…even pregnant! I personally know a monk that used a month of insight meditation to cause gangrene, in his own leg, to die, which saved his life. Using nothing but his brain, his belief, thoughts…no medicines of any type. So, fear is a powerful tool and when you believe in something because you were taught this growing up, culture, religion, it doesn’t matter how…then it CAN be used against you as an adult, with such a strong belief engrained in your mind and life.

Just like healing, placebos have taught us this truth, so, your mind is all that you should fear when you are dealing with someone who wants to curse you, scare you, do magic on you etc. Otherwise, we are here to awaken, learn, and serve others, that is what life is all about. There are those people that are not meant to experience a life of awakening, truth, and goodness in this life, they hate life and rightfully so. Their karma must be repaid, we all have karma that must be repaid. Sometimes you just have to understand this, wish these people well and carry on your own life. Until next time, this has been a rant from Spiritwalker, hah! Hope you all learned something.

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