A Message From The Spirit Realm

The Following Message From The Spirit Realm Was Channeled By Master Psychic Spiritwalker On 12/6/20 At 11 AM EST

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We are still here, we are watching and waiting and approving, guiding and teaching, loving and understanding.

Ascended Master- Mahatmas Gandhi

I want so much to chat with you and tell you so much. Your spirit guide has sent you here today and this is what I do. All my life I have had people come to me, sent to me through dreams, visions and by their spirit guide’s lead supernaturally. I have helped thousands and continue everyday helping and when I see someone such as yourself come to me and think things like you have in your mind right now, it reminds me what my mission is. Unfortunately, the truth is always hard to swallow and most people in positions like yours simply do not want to hear it. I speak the truth anyway and accept the harsh words and actions of those that would only seek to get me to say things to make them feel better, although it would be a lie. But it does not sway me enough to quit because some accept the truth and those are the ones I know I helped which makes it all worth it to me.

In your thoughts I see you use ideas such as “the life I wanted to live” and “the life I want to live”, but these are human ideas. You are more than humans. In fact, you are not a human seeking to have a spiritual experience; instead, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not that human, totally in control of your life that so many people believe. Your life, in fact, does not belong to you…it belongs to the universe and what we are doing alive at this very moment is not even our choice. Your thoughts have told me you are quite unhappy because you cannot and before you die, will not live the life you want to live. But, have you ever thought that your life was not supposed to be any sort of way but as it is now? You see our lives are based on past lives. What we did in the past is the reason we are living how we are now. From chronic illness to birth defects to even the race and sex we are in this life, these are all attributes based on our own past life experiences and doings. Its called Karma. When we understand that we are not in charge of our lives and wasn’t meant to be, and that we signed a contract upon reincarnation for a specific mission, then we begin to understand that we do not have to be sad and depressed because we ARE, living the life that we were meant to live.

Somewhere, somehow, for someone, you are making an impression of sort, only the universe knows the answer as to what, how etc. But your existence and what you must go through is contributing to something positive for humanity, this is how it is. This idea is how those in similar situations, as yourself, can be so positive and happy- despite. Awakening, is what the other side (spirit realm) wants for you, understanding and a change of belief, ideas and mindset. Some of us are set to awaken in this life, some are not. If it is your time then my words will not fall on deaf ears, instead, they will sink in for you and heal only your mind, heart and soul. With that healing, you can and will make in impact on someone else…maybe a disabled child, maybe your own children or someone else in your family.

Accepting our fate because we understand it is based on actions that we are responsible for from a past life, that usually always impacts other beings negatively, is the second step to overcoming depression and sadness for our situation. Learning to be happy despite the fact is what others, who have yet to learn and accept what you have, can see…and this is what your very existence may be about. Even if we help just one person, animal, live being etc…it is worth it. If we live our entire life, humbled by this wisdom and ask for nothing in return but to pay it forward then we have reached the peace of mind that will elude so many in this life.

My mission is to awaken the masses and if I can bring happiness, health and healing to those same people then all the better. Because you are reading this, you can be sure that your spirit guide says it is your time to awaken and heal and I only hope these words from the other side, the spirit realm of the universe comes to you at just the right time. Your body may never heal, but remember…it is only borrowed and it is not the real thing that needs to heal because even if it does, it is still deteriorating everyday. The real question is, can you accept life as it is, know that it NEVER was your decision nor was life ever YOURS to command. Ideas that we can choose our life and all aspects of it are a human idea, and if we are more than humans, we should be thinking of what we must do before our time is over so that when it is, we can say we have lived and loved to the fullest extent.

Your loved ones are watching, your friends, others you do not know are watching. So, if you can change how you think and instead impress them with your enthusiasm and happiness and understanding and acceptance, then you will have gained positive karma and become an influence to other lives. Because of this, when it is your time to pass on, you do not leave a wake of sadness but a wake of smiling faces knowing that you did not suffer in life and you do not suffer in the spirit realm because you lived your life as it was meant to be lived. In the spirit realm you are only there long enough to accept your next assignment and then reincarnate, to once again, have the chance to be a light in someone’s or something’s life. Now more than ever, it is time to awaken, to fight back against what is suppressing your spiritual side and live life as it was meant to be lived…as in influence to others, in love and happiness despite any reason the flesh would seek to see negativity where positive energy can rule. This is the message from the spirit realm that your spirit guide has led you to read today, count your blessings and meditate and ask what it is that you can do to improve someone’s life today, and watch as blessings fall on you as well. Namaste.

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