Natural Healing Vs Reiki Healing

What is the difference? Oh, there is a very large difference between these two spiritual healers. One might understand that if you are a natural healer you were born with natural healing abilities, abilities that require no teaching, training or learning, you just have the ability and know what to do. Now granted you may need to have your abilities awakened, but what is actually awakening is you, not your abilities. Your abilities are simply sitting patiently waiting for you to use them. There are categories on natural healers too. Although these categories are human named, Deloris Cannon taught us how to come up with the names using Quantum Hypnosis.

Deloris Cannon, rest her soul, would place Starseed people under her hypnosis and by the use of the Quantum techniques she was able to contact and speak with the light being within these Starseed people. The light beings, of which we all actually are, answered her questions and told her a lot of information that she compiled in her world renowned books. So today, we know about things like Blue Ray healers and Light Workers and White Lighters etc. The three categories I just named are the most popular categories of natural healers. Beings that were reincarnated to Earth with a higher connection to the spirit realm and who still possess their abilities to touch and heal using energy.

If you are a natural healer, you will know because you will be drawn to this subject and possibly have noticed you are able to heal with your hands as well as by not even using your hands. If you have ever witnessed people feeling a sense of protection or healing or any feeling by just being in your presence that resembles healing, you could be a natural healer. But what about Reiki practitioners, are they natural healers? Yes and no. You see anyone can awaken and then learn how to use Reiki to heal. We all have that ability. However, that does not mean you are a natural healer. It is quite possible you could be and possible you just use Reiki to heal. What I am saying is just because a person uses Reiki to heal does not mean they are not natural healers too.

Most of the time natural healers are drawn to Reiki practice because they lack the knowledge of natural healing abilities. Later they may learn that they are actually Blue Ray healers or the likes. Reiki is the use of universal energy to heal with. You can learn Reiki and be a very successful healer. Both Reiki healers and natural healers are needed on Earth and are both very powerful. Whether you are a natural healer or Reiki practitioner does not matter. How can you awaken to your natural healing abilities if they exist? Contact a Spiritual Advisor/Counselor and make your wishes known, a good advisor should be able to help you. You may also do this yourself through meditation and practice.

Your spirit guide is there and watching and waiting for you to become aware of who you are and what you are here for. Their job is to lead you although they can not interfere with free will. So once you step onto that path of awakening and wanting to heal others naturally, you can bet your guide will support and help you. The world needs you!

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