8 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times Before

We all have reincarnated to earth many times before, except the newest generation of souls, known as, the rainbow children. Their souls are brand new too earth, so any past lives they recall will be about lives from other planets and galaxies. To have an Akashic Records reading done on a rainbow child would be very interesting, not only to the parents (since these beings are very young children) but, also to Starseed-Psychics! We have never done an Akashic Records reading on a rainbow child.

Most of us have reincarnated here many times, but some have reincarnated more than others. There are many signs that you have reincarnated many times, and these signs may be as simple as déjà vu. But, that is not all, déjà vu is just the most common sign. One of the most interesting beliefs of reincarnation is that most of us have lived many, many lives before, and sometimes we can remember these past lives.

Below are the 8 most common signs that you have reincarnated many times before.

1- Strong Intuition

A strong intuition signify a spiritual being. Trusting and listening to that “strange feeling” you get when you feel something is “off”, is important and is your intuition. For instance, you have this feeling that the new neighbor is a bad person, so you keep your loved ones away. Next week, you see your new neighbor on the news after the cops busted a big drug deal dealing with that neighbor. So if you have a strong intuition and it never has let you down, that is the first sign you have reincarnated many times before.

2- Recurring Dreams

Ahh, recurring dreams that always haunt us. Although they can be good dreams, they can also be disturbing dreams. Recurring dreams are dreams that usually signify trauma, fear or issues that your brain is trying to process, what we would call “unfinished business”, from a past life. Many people have experienced certain events, seen specific people or gone to specific places in their dreams that felt very familiar to them. Take my dream for example, for many years I kept having a dream of wolves attacking me in the same area, same time of day, and while doing the same activity. The wolves would always win and after waking up, I always felt a bit sick and scared. Until recently when I had the same dream again, after 8 times, I finally conquered the dream by defeating every wolf. I finally defeated my fear and I haven’t had the dream since.

3- Déjà vu

Surely you have experienced deja vu at some point in your life. It’s that feeling that somehow we have already done or lived a moment in time before. Deja vu usually comes on spontaneously and can be triggered by smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and other sensations…even doing certain things. When deja vu happens, you can feel lightheaded and this huge feeling of “this has happened before”, will take over. You may even announce, “this has happened before” and your friends or family will say, “yeah, it’s happening now too”! Only they don’t understand fully. If you have experienced this before, then you have reincarnated before.

4- You’re an Empath

Surely you have been told your an empath, especially if you’re here reading this blog. Being an empath is a big deal and a big responsibility. As an empath, I am sure you have already realized you soak up other people’s emotions and feelings. You can usually feel the other person’s symptoms if they are sick. But, you can actually learn how to block yourself from all of these energies as you level up in your awakening.

5- You Feel Older Than Your Body Is

Some people feel young at heart even as they age and some feel older at heart, at a young age, as they get older. Usually referred to as old or young souls. I am sure you have heard the term “old soul” in some of our other blogs. The experience of feeling older than your age is commonly associated with having reincarnated many times. Having an old soul can actually mean that your soul could be 800 even 1000 years old. The form that you take now may only be in your 20’s but the very soul inside that shell is older than you might imagine. So if you have felt mature and older as a young child and even now, your an old soul and have reincarnated many times before.

6- Your Extremely Attracted to Different Cultures.

Well, this is completely explainable. If you are someone who loves culture and being in university towns, and love all the different cultures and foods and music and just all that is involved with different cultures then you can be sure you have reincarnated many times to Earth. It all makes sense because you could have been African, Asian, Irish, Scottish, or Dutch, etc. in a past lives. This explains why you love culture so much, you’ve had a taste of it all in past lives! A piece of you is in each culture and you want to be around it.

7- Unexplained Fears

We all have unexplained fears but, why? We are not born to naturally fear something, we have to learn to fear. Take for instance being scared of heights and you have been since the time you were born. Maybe you’re scared to death of suspension bridges and won’t think of ever crossing it, why? Well, this has everything to do with past lives. Something from your past is still lingering. Fears can come from past life events which your soul still remembers in this life. This life allows you to defeat these fears so that in your next life you can live better. In order to recall these things, an Akashic Records reading is a big help!

8- You Feel as Though this Earth Is Not Your Home

Heard this before, haven’t you? You constantly play this over and over in your mind but only in your mind because if you told your friends, they would think your crazy. The reason the earth doesn’t feel like home is because you are probably a Starseed being that has reincarnated many times before. Your are a universal traveler and you are currently exploring earth. You’ve been here, you’ve been there, nothing feels like home, that’s because earth is not your home. Your here on earth for one mission and then meant to be gone.

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