Changing the face of the online Psychic business

Why you want to work with began in March 2019. It began as a vision of two actual Starseed Psychics who made their beginning on other popular freelance websites across the internet. Momentum was gained quickly for their businesses and their two separate micro-businesses began to really take off quickly and become quite popular across the world with potential psychic clients. Already in contact on a daily basis, Starseed Psychic Spiritwalker and Starseed Psychic Windwalker AKA: Gypsy Wind began to intertwine their business clients as business grew too overwhelming for one person. Reaching a peak of over $1600 a week, combined business they decided it was time to expand in order to be able to help their growing data base of clients and to be able to continue to help.

It was clear something very spiritual was in control of their work. After some intense meditations and entering the spirit realm many times, the answer came. A vision to become the next online psychic network had been revealed. Their spirit guides were leading them and leading the path that these two Starseeds were meant to walk and they were letting their guides lead. The vision began to grow and together our two founding Starseed Psychics created So what is the mission and vision of the Starseed Psychics Company and why would you want to work with them over other psychic companies? Our mission is two-fold.

Our mission: Starseed Psychics is here to stand in the gap between those that are awakening, per the current spiritual awakening event that is taking place globally, and the modern world that is suppressing spiritual awakening. Starseed souls have incarnated to Earth for specific missions. There are three sets of Starseeds that have come and they all have separate missions but each of the three missions works together for the final plan. For more on the mission of the Starseeds see our blog.

Starseed Psychics is changing the face of the online psychic business by going above and beyond the client’s expectations, which are currently based on the already established online psychic business. The problem is the current established “psychic business” has never changed, even though people’s understanding of the spiritual world has changed. A lot of the change was ushered in by the late Deloris Cannon. A medium psychic in her own right, she was credited with the creation of a hypnosis technique that she practiced many times on Starseed souls. This quantum healing hypnosis, as she called it, revealed everything we know today; from Numerology Life Path information to how reincarnation works and that there are new souls that are actually reincarnating and incarnating to earth.

As Starseed psychics, we are tasked with a special mission. I, Master Psychic Spiritwalker was born an Indigo Child. Indigo, were the first Starseeds to come to earth. My mission is clear, to tear down the old ways that do not work and work with a different set of Starseeds, the Crystal Children, to facilitate change. Crystals are here to rebuild what the Indigos tear down. Crystals will rebuild the world with ways that are more in tune with the raising of the earth and humanity’s spiritual vibration, AKA- Spiritual Awakening. So, as I am the founder of I walk my life path doing what it is I am here to do, that is to heal humanity naturally, teach humanity how to heal themselves naturally, teach the proper ways of the spiritual realm which includes all the current psychic business.

Starseed Psychics are here to help, we do not and will not sugar coat. We are attuned to the spirit world higher than any other people. We come from where the spirit realm exists therefore we have been there and I still go back many times a month. So we naturally know how it all works. This is why you will see blogs I’ve written that reveal the truth about modern-day psychic medium readings and how it is supposed to work. I’ve written, “Behind The Scenes of a Tarot Reading” and many blogs on the Starseed souls and their mission and traits. On a daily basis, I lead and guide clients spiritually, I teach them properly when they come to me with wrong beliefs. Sometimes people may take my teaching a bit personally and they feel that they know more than me, which is fine because in time they too will awaken. It is not everyone’s time to awaken, just now, so in time, they will awake too and that is how I cope with those types.

So if you come to me for a reading, expect the truth, expect to learn something, and expect for inaccurate teachings, you may have picked up in life, to be retaught…properly. I ask that you keep an open mind and listen to the spirit to know for sure that what I am telling you is the truth. So, by not sugar coating, but still being able to tactfully present the spirits’ messages to clients in a way that is conducive to their emotions (a skill I have mastered as a lightworker), and by correcting wrong beliefs (such as medium psychics can contact the “dead” after 3 weeks of death) and by going above and beyond the client’s expectations for their money as well as providing the best psychic business paired with natural healing and spiritual instruction…Starseed Psychics are paving the way for the overhaul of the online psychic business and spirituality in general.

So if you thrive on the truth and always learning new ways and if you are very tuned into the spiritual change, which is ushering in a new world that is based on higher vibration existence, with both the planet and humanity, let Starseed Psychics be your new place for psychic business, spiritual learning, and natural healing! FYI- is just the beginning, we plan on offering positions for freelance psychic services for the general public in the near future. Also, just for reference, Starseed Psychics is not just found in one location, here on the business site. We can be found in many other places as well. Just look for the Starseed Psychics name where ever you do your spiritual business online. Here is a current listing of all the locations you can receive Starseed Psychic instruction/information online:

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