Behind The Scenes Of A Psychic Tarot Reading

Just what does it take for a gifted psychic to read the Tarot for you?

The tarot cards. Some live by their advice some are scared of their power others are mystified, might not understand them or can not figure out what they are trying to get across. For a career psychic, such as myself, the tarot is a tool that expands my insight potential. I understand how the tarot works, the power of the cards stem from the spirit realm. They are not demonic and they are not witchcraft and they are not evil nor are they good or angelic or filled with white  light. They are simply a tool that the spirits can use to communicate with psychics messages they want to get across.

Well since we can not just up and openly talk to the spirits like we can our best friend. Items such as the tarot are tools for psychics and nothing more. If the person trying to read the cards has no intuitive abilities then you can not be sure you are getting anything more than simple book knowledge about each card. Yes, I understand that the spirits have the ability to cause the cards to lay out a certain way, and that is how the cards work, but for the most part if you are getting your reading from just an ordinary card reader, then you are not getting the full experience that a seasoned tarot reading psychic can offer.

When a truly gifted psychic reads the cards for you, whether they are answering questions for you or simply passing on any messages available, there is a lot more going on than you can see with your own eyes. This is how I go about doing my psychic tarot readings:

First, I want to hear any questions my client may have. If no questions are asked and they just want me to tell them what I can see, then I move on with that intention in my mind. I may silently be asking the spirits to tell me all they wish to tell my client and while doing that I am shuffling the cards for the client to choose theirs. After cards are chosen, I lay them out and begin my reading. The first thing that happens is the initial response to the cards as I see them, their official meanings really have nothing to do with the initial information I get, but the meanings begin the information flow to me.

As a gifted psychic with abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairempathy, I am now using every one of my abilities to analyze each card in relation to where it lies and what it’s official meaning is. So already you can see the huge amount of energy that goes into each tarot card reading by your psychic. Some people have been quoted as saying, “how hard can it be, they are just cards, just say what they mean”. Well as you can see, it is so much deeper than that. The tarot are a conduit for the information/messages the spirits want me to know.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming if a lot of information is coming at once. I have to try and sort through it all and see what goes where and what means what and what parts have something to do with other parts. And then, of course, I could be picking up information the spirits say is very important but giving that to me not through the cards, but through other means, such as Claircognizance alone. To top that off, the messages received through the cards sometimes have to be decoded.

We may only get pieces of information and we have to be able to give our clients the whole part, because that is what they expect. Some people do not understand that just because we are psychic does not mean we are given every piece of the puzzle. Sometimes pieces are left out by the spirits on purpose. So if your psychic tarot reader tells you they can not tell you anymore about a certain message, that is probably true and you should understand more may come later, when the time is right. Some people have to learn that the messages come on the spirits time, not our time.

Doing a psychic tarot reading involves so much energy and there is no turning it on or off. The moment I lay out your cards it all kicks in at once, and I begin absorbing energy that brings with it the answers you seek. Hopefully that brings some awareness and insight to just how powerful the tarot is, for you. The next time you ask for a psychic tarot reading from a gifted psychic, remember all this, and be thankful there is someone that has these abilities, and thank the spirits for communicating with you, and be blessed.

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