Tap Into Your Past To Understand Your Present With A Past Life Reading

Don’t believe in reincarnation? Why not? Heh, it’s just becoming so prominent across the world that we have all done this and been here before that for someone to say they do not believe in reincarnation, now, seems a bit unrealistic. But we respect everyone’s belief if it is based on ignorance because being an awakened person I have come to understand ignorance is not anyone’s fault. Even science has turned an interested eye towards non-physical science, which reincarnation fall under, and is now starting to investigate claims by many children that all around the same age begin recalling details of a possible past life.

Check out this impressive list of extraordinary cases of 6 children that recall details of a past life. Then there was the case of that young boy who not only recalled details of his past life as a farmer man in a village but when investigators took him around to the villages in the area he picked out the one where a village member, a man was last seen some 7 years ago and disappeared, it was a mystery to the village. He then continued taking investigators around the village until he found his past life home, told everyone who he was (name), and pointed out the man who murdered him which was his neighbor.

Then the boy took investigators to a rock pile on the outskirts of the village, in a field and said his body was under the rocks. When they looked a man’s skeleton was there under the rocks with a large cut in the skull. The boy then told investigators and the man that murdered him that his neighbor had killed him with an ax in the back of the head. Yes freaky, but very hard to explain how else would a boy be able to tell all that with the well known details to the villagers, such as age, description, name and address, being verified by members of the village.

So if reincarnation is real, a past life reading can reveal who you were, and many details about your past life. Knowing that we can investigate for karmic actions and understand more about why your current life is the way it is. Some things a past life psychic reading can reveal for you is why you are unsuccessful, why you were born ill or diseased. Why you suffer in certain ways, why you have certain birthmarks, that can be attributed to scars from past life trauma. Why you attract certain types of people and more. By understanding the past you can understand your present.

Buddhism teaches about karma as much as in the metaphysical world we teach about awakening to spiritual abilities. Karma is the law of cause and affect. But Buddhism has really got it down to a science, and understanding what you did in a past life, to others, can really help you understand what you have to improve, in your current life. So that you can dilute that karma and be a better person all together. You can also avoid negative trends if you understand more about why you do certain things.

Past life psychic readings can help you come to some conclusion as to how you can improve and become more aware of everything in life. If you really want to get deeper that your past life reading can take you, you can access your Akashic Records or have a psychic advisor, who knows how, to do it for you. If you are interested more in Akashic Records, read our blog on this new service we offer. There are meditations you can do to recall details of your past life as well as past life regression services if you are more into self sufficient ways.

Many clients come and ask about things in their lives that as a psychic advisor, I know have a lot to do with their past life. Yes there are many things in this life too, such as the sought after Life Path Reading, which we offer here on the site as well. But understanding who you were and what you did to others that could have made a negative impact on their lives is a very good start to becoming more aware of what you must change to become the best you can be in this life and beyond.

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