Spring is the time of spiritual renewal

The tree bee hives are overflowing, because the bees are beginning to swarm. Spring time always gets the bees excited, because it is their time to expand. Spring should also be your time to expand you consciousness. Spring is the time to do your full house cleansing. After dust and germs have gathered, it is best to cleanse your house of any negative debris that has been lingering all winter.

The Ancient Chinese believe that stagnate chi is the number one key to illnesses. Now that it is spring time, open those windows and doors to get the energy flowing once again. Most people get highly motivated due to the warm weather, more sunshine, seeing flowers around and children out playing. So, take advantage of this energy rush and feng shui your home for better energy flow! Feng Shui is the technique of positioning everything in your home to tap into positive energy, even the coloring of your rooms matter. Feng shui literately means “Wind and Water”.

Time to rid all the ceiling corners of cobwebs that build up stagnate chi. Don’t forget to cleanse yourself as you cleanse your home. A good thirty day detox outta do it for the inside, sage for the outside. Drinking detox tea will remove any toxins that have built up over the winter and help prevent you from getting sick easier and faster. Not to mention that after the detox, you see some serious changes, you feel better and even notice some skin conditions that you had before, just vanish. Just like you, you need to detox your home by letting the energy flow once more and giving it a good deep cleaning.

After you have finished cleansing your home of any negative energy and debris, freshening it with your favorite incense and candles will top it off! Leaving your shoes by the door when entering your home reduces any negative debris that could have been dragged across your floors. Remember to remove your shoes, and it is good practice for the little ones too. It teaches them respect and responsibly for themselves, their home and others around them.

Start doing more meditation as it clears your mind of any thoughts, positive and negative. Resetting your mind is essential for better concentration, focus, positive actions and much more! Meditation brings family closer together, as it can be a very spiritual event that everyone can do at anytime, indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget spring time yoga, to flex all those achy joints and muscles that had to remain dormant all winter. There are many positions that release built up chi and gets your energy flowing once again. Yoga can be a fun spring time event for the whole family, but, of course, make it more than just a spring time event. Spring is just the beginning to a whole new lifestyle!

Don’t forget to white sage your home after a good thorough cleaning and play high frequency music. Music plays a big role in our lives, as long as you listen to the right kind of music. Playing rap, pop, or heavy metal rock isn’t very beneficial when it comes to raising our vibration. Instead, listen to some Enya, or reiki music. Place certain types of crystals around to prevent negative energy such as black tourmaline, it also helps for clearing negative energy.

Embrace the positive energy spring has to offer!

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