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How to take care of your spiritual self or your starseed child

What can you do to feed the starseed in you? If you are a starseed or maybe you just are an awakened soul, either way you need to know some very important information. Once you awaken there is no going back. You will begin to see things differently, hear and notice things you didn’t before and you will be more aware of everything around you to include lies. It is no conspiracy theory that the governments of the world are not very trustworthy or truthful. Hidden agendas are always part of the mix and those of us that are awake understand this. Because another thing begins to happen when you awaken and that is you start to notice what seems like an agenda to suppress the spiritual side of all people worldwide.

There are many ways in which evil forces try to do this or I should say, are doing this. First understand that when you are spiritually ill your entire body suffers. If you do not feed the spiritual side you will become an abyss of negativity and ignorance and it will all begin to affect other parts of your body. Just like you have to feed the mind with meditations and education and natural vitamins, herbs and food and you have to feed the body with the food, water, herbs, vitamins and exercise you have to also feed the spirit with meditation, knowledge, wisdom, and truth. So if one part of you is not being taken care of, then the whole of you suffers and becomes weak.

There are many ways in which those that have become awake might agree that humanities spirituality is being poisoned and suppressed at all costs. First, they want you to eat genetically modified foods (GMOs). GMOs are anything but natural and should never be put into your body. There is overwhelming evidence of the dangers associated with eating this fake and Frankenfood over clean, organic real food grown in the ground. If you are awake or a starseed, you should opt in to eating better because that in turn feeds the mind and that feeds the soul. A strong mind can not be compromised and therefore is sharp for the spirit to learn with. Never eat GMO’s. Next, artificial sweeteners.

As if fake genetically modified food is not enough they lie to you and tell you that sugar is a major problem with causing obesity and diabetes but the actual evidence is to the contrary. Diabetes stems from a terrible diet, and obesity does as well. But sugar as part of that is very low on the list of reasons, fast food is very HIGH on that list, FYI. But they tell you do not eat sugar, instead eat aspartame or sucralose or any of the other chemicals out there they call safe. Pure chemicals here people, pure chemicals and the patents are mostly all owned by the worlds biggest producer of GMOs…Monsanto company. Never eat artificial sweeteners, instead opt in for REAL sugar, not GMO beet sugar.

Here is the secret, if the container does not say Sugar cane or pure cane sugar or organic sugar then it is guaranteed to be made with GMO beets. And if you just do not care for sugar, there is always honey. If the bottle does not list honey as the actual ingredient you might have a bottle of GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup or Corn Sugar, also GMO. If you are not a big honey fan, then Stevia, or Monk Fruit, as well as many more, can provide an alternative and all natural substitute.

When it comes to your diet in general. Understand that a clean body is capable of so much more. I am talking clean on the inside. These days so many chemicals and pollution is a part of everyone’s daily lives. Even our food is sprayed and doused with chemicals if it is raised or grown naturally. However, it is possible to eat cleaner than most people do. Taking a moment to seek out places in your local area that offers organic and non GMO foods at affordable prices is worth every moment you spend in research. You must try and eat organic because this means the food is raised or grown using no chemicals. The organic standards are very strict, you can trust the standards, for the most part.

Non GMO does not mean a product is organic, it just means the product has not been tampered with using genetically modified material, it may still be very bad to consume. When you can buy directly from a local farmer or homesteader that grows organic food using non GMO seeds, it is a very good thing. Not only are you feeding your spiritual body clean food but you are spreading light and good cheer to this family that grows or raises the food, making their hard work worthwhile. Eating less meat is always a good idea to. Now this is talking about health reasons and nothing more. But there is growing evidence that eating a diet of a lot of meats throughout your life has adverse affects on your health, which in turn affects your brain and that in turn suppresses spiritual growth too.

So a diet that does not contain meat as its main theme is best for those who want to awaken spiritually as much as possible. And on that note, it is best to consume lean meats over other  types, so that is fish and chicken and wild meats, such as Venison. The killing aspect of eating meat may be part of your own personal growth aspects, however, there this is a personal aspect only. What this means is no one is telling you to become a Vegan, because this is not only not necessary but can be harmful to your health if not done accurately. And the truth is, most people do not have enough knowledge to be a Vegan and remain healthy.

These are some things that suppress your spiritual side, indirectly by affecting your mind, directly. GMO foods, Religion, Pollution, Meat, Dairy products, Cell phone towers, large amounts of Electromagnetic Frequency fields (EMF), pollution, Fluoride, unnatural preservatives, prescription and recreational drugs, ignorance (lack of truth). You can already see the pattern. If it is unnatural and you put it in your body then you should expect an unhealthy reaction. When that happens, remember you are what you eat, so your mind becomes affected and that in turn suppressed spiritual growth.

The truth is, how you live determines the amount of spiritual growth you will experience. Aside from foods and poisons the very way you live may also affect your spiritual growth. This includes your very western way of life. The western way of life just is not about growing spiritually and this has got to change or at least, for you, it should. From how they grow their food here to how they do not treat the illness and disease problem but instead make money from it all while creating more sick people so their money train never ends…is all wrong. If you are living your life attached to these ideologies, then you are part of the problem instead of the solution.

When you support something you are just as guilty. Never support an unnatural way of life or an ignorant based civilization. In order to feed your spiritual side and the Starseed or awakening soul within you there has to be change. No change will simply continue to suppress your ability to fully awaken and grow. Meditation should be an integral part of your life, this is food for the mind and soul. Calming music/chant/mantra sounds, these are all food for your mind and soul and should also be a large part of your way of life. You should practice giving without wanting, sharing without reward, selflessness over selfishness. You should crave simplicity over vanity. Natural over unnatural, truth over ignorance and you should not keep all that to yourself, instead teach it and spread it and share the knowledge.

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