How To Get Into Contact With Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides, we all have 1. Some people call then guardian angels, some call them guides, some call them intuition or conscious. But our spirit guide is a light being that exists in the 5th dimension only. Some call the 5th heaven, some call it the angelic realm but it is the place where we all originate from and all eventually end up back at, when our time as mortal humans are done. As humans most of you all have forgotten who you really are, what you have agreed too up on reincarnation back on earth and what you are supposed to be doing. But that is all part of becoming human again. If we remembered any of our originality it would no doubt interfere with normal life as a human being, as we were growing up.

The benefits of learning who your spirit guide is are immense. Our lives take on a whole other meaning and life becomes worth living! Reason being is because knowing our spirit guide means we have opened the third eye, that we have ascended into a higher conscious state. Being in this awakened state naturally brings awareness into everything else such as our purpose and who we really are inside this human shell. So the question you are wondering about is how to get into contact with your spirit guide. Well in all actuality you have to go to the spirit realm. That takes immense concentration and months of practice, but well worth it all. Now you can simply contact your favorite psychic medium and they can contact your guide for you, or should be able too.

If you were to do it yourself there are a few different methods, for this blog I will be talking about using the Shamanic Trance method. Basically you need to enter a Shamanic trance state which is a deep state of meditation. For beginners, it is best to use a guided meditation a few times to practice and then you will have the hang of it to practice on your own. Always use headphones and always get relaxed and set the environmental mood. Candles, incense, heat, comfort and quiet all have to be reality to make the transition into the spirit realm easiest. YouTube offers some pretty great choices for guided Shamanic meditation using Shamanic drumming, which is a must. But you can also purchase good Shamanic drumming music, I will link some good choices below for you to check out.

Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on a comfortable place. Put on your headphones and turn on your drumming sounds. Close your eyes and relax. Let the sound of the drums take you into a trance/meditation, which happens pretty easily, and that is why Shamanic drumming works! If you are using a guided meditation, follow the guide and enter the spirit realm. You will know you are there when you begin to see visions and experience what most would refer to as hard to explain feeling and what seems to be visions or events. Now you may find yourself walking down an ancient forest path or standing on a strange far off rocky cliff or maybe sitting by a campfire with some being, could be strange to you or look very human. All of this is things that you could experience the first time, but probably not.

For some people these intense experiences will come later as you become more proficient in visiting the spirit realm. But this is where you can meet your spirit guide. Now your guide may choose to show up in its true form which is just energy, or in more of a state that you would be more comfortable with…human. They could choose t o only show up as a voice in your mind or in the form of anything else. There is always an intense mental acceptance that you are in contact with your higher power, your spirit guide. When you have contacted the guide you can ask questions, just as you would to a human except you do not have to speak at all…just think the questions. The guide will respond and do certain things or simply send back answers to your mind.

If they choose to make things happen or if they choose to do something, it is very important that you pay attention to every detail. Our spirit guides do not always communicate in ways we can understand. They are light beings and on a whole other dimension so they have advanced communication methods. You have to be aware of what they are trying to tell you through clues or code or whatever you call it. Here is one example to help you understand what I mean by this. I entered the spirit realm and sit across a campfire from a Native American spirit guide, he was in the form of a human but with qualities that were much more advanced for his spiritual existence, such as glowing eyes.

I asked him what a client’s animal protector was and he responded by creating an event. He picked up some dust from the ground and through it in the fire, the fire responded with a gush into the air that was bright and hot. At that moment a brown and white peregrine falcon flew from up behind him and at my head over the fire. It swooped to miss me and the fire and went up behind me into the black sky and then flew past me 2 more times. Obviously I was being shown my client’s animal protector. Some answers come more complex too. Here is another example. I asked the energy in the area I ended up in a client’s question, what her spirit guide was called. I was transported to a place that looked like a place on earth. As I walked I was not seen by other people, that were in the area, but I was led mentally a certain distance and direction that ended me in a house.

Suggest guided meditation to learn with

In this house was an elder man. I seen this house vividly and even learned his name from items in the house. I was like a ghost in the house, so he did not see me. Later in talking with my client I learned this name belonged to a long dead grandfather who used to be a very prominent father figure in the little girls life. So I learned this client’s spirit guide was actually her deceased grandfather and gave her his name. All of these circumstances are experiences that as a Master Medium Psychic I have experienced. I have years of practice and experience. In time you can do the same. Using the guided Shamanic drumming meditation will get you on the right track. Just remember when you begin to experience things in your trance you are not here, but in the spirit realm, have respect and be thankful or you may never be allowed to return to that realm again.

And for those of you that would rather stay on Earth, one of the Starseed Psychics can always help you learn who your spirit guide is!

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