10 Essential Oils to Help Increase Psychic Abilities

Essential Oils

You’re probably thinking, how can an oil help increase my psychic abilities? Well, just as food can, essential oils can as well. We eat the food to help our abilities to awaken. Now, we can smell essential oils to help increase our abilities. Essential oils are not just for beauty, smell and benefits. They are tools for psychics that want an increase in their abilities. The right oils and oil mixtures can help you sleep, kick anxiety to the curb, and even help you develop your psychic power!

Now, you cant expect to drop some essential oil drops in your diffuser and walk away, expecting anything to increase. Find some essential oils that you feel drawn too or feel does best for you. You can take a bath with them, put a few drops on your candles, or diffuse them.  Put a drop or two on your Chakras, wrists, throat, ankles, forehead, or the back of your neck to enhance your psychic ability throughout the day. Below are 10 essential oils that you can use to increase your psychic abilities and aid in development.

  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Peppermint
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Sage
  • Rosemary


Cedarwood helps to enhance Clairvoyant visions.


Lavender is a healing, purifying, protective, and controlling essential oil. It helps with meditation and fuels dream recognition and clairvoyance. Lavender oil opens the third eye Chakra.


Jasmine oil is sensuous, inspiring, and balancing. It attracts love, romance, and sex. It will help to induce psychic dreams, creativity, and visions. It promotes compassion and transcendence. Another great oil for meditation.Frankincenseļ»æ


Frankincense is uplifting, balancing, purifying, and protective. It is effective for meditation and helps to stimulate enlightenment and transcendence, while dispelling negativity energy.


Myrrh is grounding, purifying, protective, and therapeutic. It clears blockage, stimulates enlightenment and transcendence, and enhances meditation and clairvoyant visions.


Peppermint enhances psychic ability and strengthens spiritual energy.


Rose is healing, cleansing, and balancing. It opens the heart Chakra and attracts love. Rose stimulates creativity and assists in letting go. Powerful when used for divination and blessings. Improves focus when used for tarot reading.


Sandalwood is purifying and healing. It opens the Sacral Chakra and is an excellent meditation aid that helps with manifestation and visions. Sandalwood is used for blessings, house cleansings, and releasing the past and letting go. It also dispels negativity energy.


Sage is used to strengthen spiritual energy and remove negative energy. Sage is also used for cleansing.


Rosemary is a cleansing, protective psychic stimulant oil. It opens the heart and third-eye Chakras. It stimulates vision and imagination, and helps recall past lives. It also dispels negativity energy.

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