Kathleen Willoughby

I would also like to leave a review for Gypsywind, also a Blue-Ray Healer (Violet Flame Healer) and a remarkable spirit animal reading.  We are accompanied on this journey to the little blue marble circling the sun.  Sometimes we sense that some energy walks with us – a spirit animal who walks with us; and Aumakua whose purpose is to go out a short bit of time in front of us to make sure the obstacles can bypass us, or if it is our karma – to lessen an obstacle.  A Hawaiian gentleman who came out of nowhere when I was looking at a necklace for a friend (Jewlry by Wyman – known for his whale paintings) who had cancer.  I picked up a turtle and the underneath side was just the right size for a thumb.  It felt very calm and gentle like.  As I turned, he was standing in front of me and explained that an Aumakua was an animal (in spirit) who would have us stop for a moment to gaze in a store window, we might drop something and in the few moments it took to retrieve the fallen object, an accident could have occurred right in or outside of our line of sight.  We become aware of it when this happens a few time – we begin to appreciate it’s timing.  I had asked about my spirit animal and was very honored that it would be a wolf.  From the wild to domestic, always a part of my heart.  When one is ready to open one’s third eye and become aware of the multitude of helpers and spirits who are always with us, one begins to see the world of things living beyond man and their utter importance for a world in which our great- great grandchildren may sometime live.  Journeys are always intriguing and exciting.  I look forward to more psychic doors opening.!  Thank you, Gypsywind. 

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