Kathleen Willoughby

Testimonial for Master Psychic Spiritwalker:
I worked with Master Psychic Spiritwalker over a half a dozen times between myself and my partner.  We wanted information on our Akashic Record, and this is something I have been looking at and doing some regressions in the past to find out more.  My partner was a bit reluctant, so I went ahead and ordered the first of what I hope to be several Akashic readings in the future.  Tim (my partner) was intrigued and after a bit decided it would be something that he might be interested in.  Our birthdays are 6 days apart and 5 years apart which would put us in the time frame of indigo children.  I discovered that I was both a Starseed and a Blue Ray-Healer.  Though I had taken Reiki I and working on Reiki II, the awakening of Blue-Ray Healing has been healing both for me and for those I do Reiki with.  If one were looking for extending the abilities learned in Reiki and wanted to know more of where their natural ability comes from, I highly recommend working with this gentleman – a Renaissance man, indeed.

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