Using Herbal Remedies


Using Herbal Remedies, book by Author Psychic Spiritwalker


Using Herbal Remedies by Author Spiritwalker. He is a renowned natural living specialist, off-grid expert, USA Medical Specialist, Medicine man, Shaman, Reiki master, Blu-ray healer, and Herbalist.

In this paperback book, you will learn how to make your own herbal medicines. Herbal tinctures, salves, infusions (teas), and decoctions are all taught. You will also learn what herb you can use to treat physical illnesses such as headaches, internal infections, ear infections, etc. In his book titled, “Using Herbal Remedies”, the author has even included a chapter devoted to using herbs with your children. Loaded with pictures of each of the herbs talked about, this book embraces the essence of the art and lifestyle of herbal medicine at its basics.

Available both in paperback, full color, and black and white as well as in Ebook.

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