Bomb cyclone 2021

Overnight, America has been ravaged by a beast known as a bomb cyclone. The weather people explain it by asking you to think of it as a catagory 2 winter hurricane. From California to Oregon to northern Arizona clear into the Midwest people are suffering. Now the seemingly evil spawned storm has it’s path set on the Atlantic northeast.

Already, New Jersey and New York has issued a state of emergency and the storm hasn’t even showed up yet. That’s the severity they know is coming with the cyclone. How bad is it you ask? Hundreds of thousands in California alone are without power today, some have lost their homes and possessions. Two people are dead after being crushed by a fallen tree in Seattle.

What are we to do when mother nature unleashes natural disasters? Pray! Pray for those affected that they will find peace of mind and a way to heal quickly. Send healing energy, Reiki, Blu-ray, Violet flame… however you do it, send your energy, your love and take part in helping to heal humanity after an event like this.

So, right now, I am calling for all Starseeds, all lightworkers, all natural healers, all prayer warriors, to life your voices, minds and hands to the heavens and send your energy with your intentions of massive healing and protection to all those affected, and to be affected, by this disaster!


Effective immediately for the next 72 hours. Send it once, twice, three times…every chance you get, for the next 72 hours and don’t stop praying, the worst could be yet to come…

Teyata om bekanze Bekanze maha bekanze Radza samudgate soha One of the most important mantras for healing,
Yaima -The Sacred

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