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Dear James/CSR,
I would love to give you all feedback about my experience!
As you know nothing is coincidence in this life time and I am so happy to tell you that this occurrence of meeting Spiritwalker (Spirit) is one of the most important mile stones in my life!

I think I am learning and growing every time I get in contact with Spirit and there is always some meaning to our conversations and lessons and there is always some deep meaning to all he does!

I have become more in peace and in love with life since I got to know him. Most of my days, despite my occupation, family life and demands, I am in a calm and peaceful state!

I am so grateful the universe gave me this opportunity, because I know… not everyone is lucky to find their true self, their purpose in this life time, or understand and  appreciate all the happenings in this reality. However, I am, and Spirit has been a big part of this!

I appreciate you reaching out to me. I would love to leave a review but I probably won’t know how to leave one! So, you are more than welcome to copy my email and post it or if you can send me the direct link to review, I would love to leave one.

Love and light to you! I wish you a peaceful and wonderful Saturday night!
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