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Lightning fast delivery! Amazing reading that sounds very resonate with my situation. SW is such a gifted reader on here. I’m sure will come back when I need guidance. Thank you so much!


An amazing person! I love working with him! Goes above and beyond! Would use again! 🙂


This man was a god sent! Thank u so much for ur work!!! I will keep u updated


Thank you so very much. Your insight, gift and kind words help me take a deep breath, especially surrounding my building. I will certainly be back. Love and Hugs.


A remarkable psychic who is not only extremely gifted, but also genuinely nice and caring. A great reading with no prior information! One of the most professional sellers I’ve found on Firverr. I cannot say enough about Spiritwalker. Thank you for the reading and I’m already looking forward to the next one! 😀


Amazing! Life changing reading! Thank you, again


Fast deliver, great reading and will come back for another reading soon. Highly recommended!!!


Another beautiful reading. As a result of the reading I received I’m looking more into spiritual healing work and herbalism. I remade my account on Fiverr after half a year, since the site is swarming with scammers, and was drawn to this reader and am glad I found him. Always recommend!


Spiritwalker is very easy to work with. His readings bring clarity to complex situations and circumstances. Thank you for helping me to navigate through this situation.


I learned some things and they resonated and made sense. I am so grateful. Thank you~


Absolutely blown away. I had no idea he would be so accurate. I’m completely in tears and I could not stop for the past 15 minutes. Everytime I read it, I brake down in tears again. How could someone know someone so well, and even know them better than they know themselves. Wow! Still in … Continue reading smartjon7


5-star review! “Great work and person !!! really cared about my needs and this project !! A++++++ Seller”


“5 star review! Superlative experience. He gave me a clear understanding of the situation and it was all meaningful to me. I will certainly consider him again in the near future. Thanks!”


“5-star review! Very insightful reading!! Excited to see how everything unfolds thank you Spiritwalker”


“5 Star rating! Very fast and detailed, explained everything very properly, very positive energy too!”


4.7 stars! It was a good reading.. thank you.


5 Stars! This is an insightful reading. As always he saw right into the situation and he give you great advices. Repeated satisfied customer and will be back soon.


5 Stars! Awesome person! Please use him!


“5-star review!” “A wonderful person to deal with. Gifted and master in his craft. Repeat customer and will definitely comeback. Goes above and beyond what expected and delivery is super fast.” -Leighvee


5 stars! I purchased this service with Spiritwalker because I felt like I needed additional insight to an ongoing situation. I feel that Spirit is genuine with his skills and I have grown to trust his insights.


“5 stars! EXCELLENT adviser!” “5 Stars! VERY VERY detailed & accurate THANK YOU!”


“5 stars! Very fast and explained everything very well. Weirdly enough, she pulled 2 cards that I’ve been getting reading for myself lately. 10/10.”


“5 Stars! Thanks Wind, she gives accurate and friendly comments.” “5 Stars! Thanks, Wind, you gave me clear direction and encouragement. Thanks for the positive energy that I can sense from you!”


“5 Stars! My order was submitted within an hour. The accuracy was impressive and helped to look more into some stuff I did not consider before. I will use seller in the future and recommend to friends!”


5 star rating! Truthful, sincere.


5 star rating! good …work


5 star rating Thank you !


5 star rating Thanks for the order.


5 Star rating Thank you so much! We have great history and I will always return for ur guidance


5 Star Review Very honest reading no sugar coating but I believe it to be true thank you.


5 Star Review Thank you, the reading resonated


“5 Star review! This reader is absolutely phenomenal and very fast delivery. She was very straightforward, honest, and sweet about her reading. If you’re looking for clarity or the right guidance you should definitely purchase with her! Thank you so much for everything! Much love and light to you.”


“5 Star review! I really enjoyed this gig! Renchol was able to see some very accurate things. I trust in this reading and I’m very satisfied with everything from beginning to end. Will definitely purchase again!”


5 Star Review! Excellent. Helped me more than I could have asked for… keep it up… faster than anyone else .


5 star review It was such a surreal experience! He confirmed a lot of things I’ve always felt and all he needed was a picture! He was very kind and straightforward, and the delivery was super fast. I am very very pleased with the results and will definitely come back for more readings.


5 star review, Thank you! Extremely responsive, caring and Very helpful insight to move through the path ahead. I look forward to working with you Spirit!


5 star review, Thank you for your guidance!


5 star review, Highly recommended personalized caring assistance in all areas of life! Spirit is tuned in and targeted to help you succeed and thrive!


“5 star review! OMG! Fastest return time ever!! My reading was returned in minutes! That’s unheard of! And, the most awesome reader….ever!! I highly recommend this person, I am blown away!” “5 star review! AWESOME!” “5 star review! AWESOME!! Again!! Dead on!!! This is my third reading, and all three were delivered in minutes! This … Continue reading Alfredagerald


“5 star review! Thank you very much! This is what I needed because I was pretty unsure on what to do. Thank you for your time!”


“5 Star review! Very explained reading, I would use her services again in a heartbeat. Thank you for helping me with this information. Would recommend to anyone 🙂 “


“5 Star Review! She is absolutely one of the best here. I highly recommend her services because you won’t be able to find a better someone like her. I will certainly order again and again. Thank you Wind!”


5 Star Review Great reading and repeated customer. Jessica Victoria


Great work Victoria

Victoria- dreambig1982

thank you for your kind reading, the delivery was very quick and the reading was accurate and resonated Ivana


“5 start review! My goodness! This has been such an exceptional experience. It is so hard to find genuine psychics, so when I find one I will hold on forever! Delivery is quick and she communicates w/you every step of the way! She is so genuine, warm, and authentic. She’s also an amazing Clairvoyant. Book … Continue reading theselfdaily


5 Star Review! Love Spiritwalker’s vibe and kind words in how they communicate their message. They really went above and beyond with the reading. I’ll be back. Excited to get the life path reading. Recommend!


5 Star Review It is always a great and outstanding experience with SW. At times I’m confused, I always go to him for enlightenment and he really helps me a lot. Spot on reading as always. With him, you will have a friend and a guide. Highly recommended and will definitely be back.


“Very understanding, very helpful and kind. I appreciate that this reading was not sugar coated. Thank you very much! Highly Recommended.” Lostchild69


“Very eye opening. A lot to take in, and exactly what I needed. Highly Highly Recommended, I will be back. Thank you so much. I have a lot of deep searching to do.” Lostchild69

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