The Mystery Of The Red Door


Hardback and paperback versions of the book titled, “The Mystery Of The Red Door”, by Author Spiritwalker.


The Mystery of the Red Door is one of those novels that any young teen or advanced pre-teen can wrap their minds around, snuggle into their favorite pillow and blanket, and get lost in imagination! The author is a seasoned author who employs real-world events and information with imagination, seamlessly. The story begins in a small town out west, as there are in the old west, small towns don’t change too much, and the folk that lives there like it that way.

Small town Robinwood, Arizona is no different. However, as there are in many small towns and in all walks of life, there is always that one soul or group of souls, as it relevant in our story, that likes to shake things up a bit. Jaime and his crew are no different. Once they get their hands on a piece of interesting history that suggests there is a secret hidden away in the town, they will stop at nothing to reveal it.

Someone knows, what will the outcome be? People watch, now, as the children go about their daily activities around the town. Is their secret out or is it just their own psych playing games on them? As the pace changes in the book, from episode to episode, the mystery is unraveled, piece by piece but to what extent?

A big old, seemingly abandoned house from the 1800’s era, a ran down old car garage out back, that is not empty and new looking doors that are painted a bright red…what could be more exciting? The Mystery of the Red Door explores history, culture, mystery, humor, and more. If you are new to reading books, you have chosen an interesting place to start. The story is sure to keep you reading and at times, sitting on the edge of your seat! Welcome, enter now, through the red door of mystery!

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