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Our psychics are professional life and relationship counselors and spiritual advisors/teachers with over 30 years of experience. The service gives you a personal advisor at your whim without having to pay for services every time you need them…think of that! Just like celebrities and the elite have on their payroll! Anytime you need answers about things taking place in your life you can have spiritual knowledge and wisdom available to you at a moment’s notice. Your teacher’s time becomes yours. A Spiritual Wellness Coach Subscription will hire an advisor to be your own personal counselor, psychic, healer, and teacher.

A subscription gives you the freedom to contact them anytime, 7 days a week, to ask questions that you need answers to, request healing or to have a live chat conversation to ease your mind for any reason and to learn all you can. You can contact your advisor via live chat, email, or text message and ask any questions pertaining to spiritual counseling, healing, psychic readings, teaching, and life advice, or simply have a conversation about whatever you like.

What’s included in the Spiritual Wellness Coach Subscription (shortlist):

  • -Learn how to awaken your own psychic abilities.
  • -Learn who and what you really are.
  • Learn to meditate
  • -Learn to use Shamanic trance states
  • -Awaken to higher consciousness
  • -Learn to raise your vibration
  • -Get a psychic reading anytime (1 question daily)
  • Request unlimited healing
  • -Daily text/email support and weekly phone support
  • -Weekly spiritual lessons in email
  • -And much more!

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1 review for Spiritual Wellness Coach Teacher/Counselor Subscription

  1. DAVID KANTER (verified owner)

    I pursued the Spiritual Wellness Coach/Teacher/Counselor Subscription with Gypsywind as a result of the joy/happiness I felt as a result of the Starseed Reading Gypsywind did on me earlier this year.
    Gypsywind possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Spirit World and the psychic skill set, that allows her to be a Top-Notch Coach/Teacher/Mentor to those seeking answers to difficult spiritual questions. She is able to blend her psychic skill set with her natural gifts of compassion, positivity, and kindness that allowed me to feel comfortable to ask numerous questions that many “normal” people would brush off as silly/stupid/crazy. We’ve been in contact daily over the last 3 months and have grown in numerous ways that have now made me a better person. I highly recommend Gypsywind to those of you seeking honest answers to your spiritual/psychic questions…you will be thoroughly satisfied and uplifted by doing so!!!

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