Spiritual Cord Cutting Ritual


Spiritual “cord-cutting” ceremony to severe past life connections that are causing you issues in this life.


Spiritual Cord Cutting Ritual

We all have soulmates, many at that. Sometimes we reconnect physically with these soulmates in this life and sometimes that connection is awesome, other times it is not and that is up to the universe and the reason we have reconnected. These connections can last a lifetime and then there are those that cause nothing but grief for us, for a lifetime.

There are those of you that will understand how all this works, and you will also understand and have an intuitive feeling that the use of that soulmate, by the universe, is over. Yet, there is still that connection that haunts you. Sometimes this can take over our lives and it is best if that connection was simply severed with our Spiritual Cord Cutting Ritual. It can be done using a variety of healing techniques (reiki, blu-ray, or violet flame) and a ceremony, by a gifted spiritual worker, that can cause emotions to lower as the connection is severed between the two souls. Now, this is not forever, and in another life, this soulmate can reconnect with us, and will. But in this life, it will end as will the grief and heartaches associated with it.

Remember this is not meant to hurt the other person. This Spiritual Cord Cutting Ritual should be healing and freeing for both of you. Your soulmate will know nothing of what you have done unless you tell them.

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