Ask Your Spirit Guide Readings


“Ask Your Spirit Guide” psychic readings


Spirit Guide Readings are all about connecting with your spirit guide and getting direct answers. This takes an experienced psychic medium or a wise Shaman. Luckily, we have both! Our resident Shaman and Medium will enter the spirit realm using a Shamanic trance meditation and consult your spirit guide to answer your questions. You may ask any questions you want but be aware that the answers will be direct and sometimes confusing. This is where your advisor comes in. We will type up our findings and present them to you in a document that can be emailed to you in as little as 24 hours.

Spirit Guide Readings answer a lot of questions but we also can not control what answers come or what answers will be sidestepped by your guide. Sometimes knowing the future can alter it in ways that will alter your entire life path and that isn’t a good thing. In the event your guide refuses to answer, we will give you store credit of the amount which can be used anytime in the same year for any service, or reading we offer.


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