Chakra Candles-Set of 7 Scented


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Scented Chakra Candles Set

  • Scented Chakra Candles Set W/ GENUINE CRYSTALS & GEMSTONES! THE SET INCLUDES MALA BEADS TO ENHANCE YOUR DAILY PRACTICE! Each candle has a UNIQUE AFFIRMATION on the label specific to each chakra! BONUS: Directions for a daily chakra cleansing are included!
  • 100% SOY CANDLES, There are approximately 15 HOURS OF PRACTICE in each candle! This candle and mala bead set can be used as a tool for meditation, prayer, mantras, cleansing, affirmations, manifestation, & other rituals or ceremonies.
  • SHIFT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS into positive thoughts, CLEANSE NEGATIVITY ENERGY & UNBLOCK your chakras with this powerful tool created by a Mindset Coach!
  • CANDLE SCENTS: Gardenia, Mint, Vanilla, Rose, Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon.

$1 buys you one TICKET!

The raffle ends each month on the last day, the winner will be chosen the following month on the 1st day and announced that evening via email.


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