Preparing For The Collapse- “How To Live Off The Grid”


From the author of the up-and-coming series, “Preparing for the Collapse” comes another book that can save your life! “How To Live Off The Grid”


What are you going to do? Will you know how to survive when it is absolutely necessary? Are you one of the many who understand that it is not IF but WHEN? If you have ever thought about moving out of the city and off the grid, then you are awake and you understand just how necessary it is becoming to obtain the knowledge of our forefathers and great grandparents. There was a time, not long ago, when people had enough to eat because they relied on themselves and their families to grow, forage, trade, and raise all the food they needed. They did not hurt for money and they were not overburdened with bills and taxes and bad health. Where has all that gone? Is it still possible to live like this? Yes, it is, and I am here to show you how. How do I know? Because my family and I have been doing it for the last 12 years!

We have taken all the pain out of transitioning from a modern-day, hectic life to a simple off-grid existence. I tell you everything that worked and what did not work and over the years what I have come to understand as the only way to do everything. If you woke up tomorrow and this civilization took a nosedive from the current tailspin it is already in, where would you go? I tell you how to obtain off-grid land with no credit and no banks and less than $500 and sometimes, you don’t even need US dollars! You will learn to build what you need, where to get the supplies from other than an ordinary store (usually free), how to raise the meat you will need, and how to grow those all-purpose organic gardens and medicine gardens.

From the author of the up-and-coming series, “Preparing for the Collapse” comes another book that can save your life!

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