Preparing For The Collapse: Food Production Basics


The newest edition to the Hardback versions of the sought-after series, “Preparing For The Collapse” by Author Spiritwalker. This is also edition 2, which all the versions have been upgraded too as of 2-28-22


Preparing For The Collapse: Food Production Basics

What in the world would you do if tomorrow you woke up to find that the United States power grid was gone, destroyed by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)? How would you feed your family? With the power grid gone, gas stations will close down, and stores will close their doors, water treatment plants will not run, nothing will work. Do you have a stockpile of water and food that will sustain your family for a long time? Do you have the necessary ammo and guns to protect what you have stockpiled from the “have-nots” that will come to take what you got? A lot of people know it’s coming, the collapse of the United States of America. Will you survive? Will you be ready, not IF, but WHEN it happens? Isn’t your family worth your greatest try to survive?

Off-grid author Spiritwalker, tells you how to grow your own food while living off the grid, even in soil that is unfit for gardening. He shows you how to raise the most sustainable meat source available, the meat rabbit. It’s coming, and most people know it, but do you know how to prepare for the collapse of the dollar? You will have to be able to eat and drink and protect what you have, including yourself and your family. Preparing for the coming economic collapse is something that you have to do now, not wait until it’s too late! Raising your own meat is nothing like “raising cane’s chicken”, but in this book you will learn how to raise chickens, raising your own chickens that is! You will learn how to raise rabbits for meat and more in this guide to living off the grid and producing your own food.

Author Spiritwalker has been living off the grid for more than a decade and has raised rabbits for meat and income. He can tell you what works and what doesn’t so you do not have to learn the hard way and instead can get on to securing your family’s food source before it’s too late. He tells you how to raise rabbits for meat and how to process that meat and store it along with all your other meat. You will learn how to start a garden, how to build a raised garden bed, and learn organic gardening, he even tells you how to plant a prepper garden. In no time you will be canning tomatoes, canning peaches, canning salsa, canning green beans, and putting up loads of food for when SHTF. This is just a short list of just what you will learn from reading this book. Are you ready?

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