Prayer Warrior Subscription




A prayer warrior, tapped into the divine realm, will pray for you anytime you request it. You will also be sent a prayer cloth, that your prayer warrior has prayed over for your personal use.  Put it in your pocketbook, your pocket, hang it in your home or in your car. Put it in your little ones’ crib, under your pillow before going into surgery, wherever you need the power of prayer, and know that the power of prayer is with you wherever you go.

You will have live chat access to your prayer partner for the length of your subscription where you can ask for additional prayers anytime.

*Can’t pay for the whole thing at once? With our integrated Paypal, Pay in 4 option, you can now make your payments in monthly installments. There is no risk of losing your subscription because Starseed Psychics is paid in full by Paypal whether you stop payments or not, your subscription goes through and stays valid!


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