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Discover Your Animal Protector psychic service.

Did you know we all have an animal protector? This animal spirit guide is tasked with actually protecting us and acting as a guard dog would. Sometimes we may be on a physical path through the forest, hiking maybe, and in the path ahead may be a very dangerous snake (example). Your animal protector can literally take the form of a physical animal in this realm, such as an Owl, and swoop down to distract you from your current path and divert you away from danger.

There have even been reports of the animal protector simply showing up in visual form, like a hallucination, with the same produced effect. Animal protectors can be any animal and likely has some sort of connection to you from a past life. Our gifted Shaman, Master Psychic Spiritwalker, and gifted Clairvoyant, Expert Psychic Gypsywind, will use their skills and discover your animal protector. This service also comes with a detailed explanation of your animal protector all typed up in a document and emailed back to you within 24 hours.

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