Mindfulness Meditation Camp


Live, in-person, mindfulness meditation class hosted by Starseed Psychics and taught by Master Psychic Spiritwalker.


Mindfulness Meditation Camp

In-person, mindfulness meditation camp (classes/sessions) hosted by starseedpsychics.com and taught/led by Master Psychic Spiritwalker. Limited spots are available, if the event is still listed for sale we still have openings. The location for this event is the Coconino National Forest of Flagstaff, Arizona 86001. GPS coordinates will be emailed to you along with a lot more information once you sign up for the event and your spot is verified. This event takes place outdoors in the Coconino National Forest.

This package includes 3 days, and 3 nights (Tuesday-Thursday) at our mindfulness meditation camp (instruction/practice), in nature. All meals will be at least vegetarian, community-style meals and there will be nine meals shared (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Lodging will be self-sufficient forest camping. All participants are required to bring their own form of shelter, such as tents, campers, RVs, Campervans, cars, etc. No lodging will be provided. Please bring all the necessary items to make your camp comfortable, IE: chairs, warm clothing, water, etc.

Come and enjoy 3 days and 3 nights with like-minded people, under the canopy of the world’s biggest pine forest, and feel the energy of the spiritual vortex from Mt. Humprey, of the San Francisco Peaks, all while learning and practicing mindfulness meditation in camp, with a star-tribe family.

Why book with Starseed Psychics? https://starseedpsychics.com/2021/11/07/what-can-starseed-psychics-com-offer-me

Our teaching blog is at https://www.starseedpsychics.com/blog


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