Medical Medium Psychic Reading-The Spiritual Doctor



A Medical Medium Psychic (Reading) is someone who specifically enters the spirit realm and seeks out answers for medical conditions and how to heal when our medical doctors and medicine fails.

1 question- Our resident Psychic Medium, Medical Specialist, and Shaman, Master Psychic Spiritwalker, will go into a Shamanic trance and enter the spirit realm. He will stay for as long as it takes, seeking your answers to what ails you & how to heal…when doctors and medicine fail. He will then provide you with a highly detailed report of his findings.

Be aware that the answers from the Medical Medium Psychic Reading may surprise you. Everything from a not-so-simple diet change to a change of building that you are living in could be the answer.

Disclaimer: Be smart, go to a trained professional if you need medical help. Hospitals have their place in saving lives. No medical advice may be used solely as a means to an end. Please take our advice but know when you should seek professional medical support as well.


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