NEW! Letting go of the past-A how to guide [ebook]


Ebook showing how to live your life simpler, tips, tricks, and advice from Zen Master Spiritwalker.


Some people live in the past, they can not let go of what their lives have been, what they have experienced, and what they have been through. Some people live in the future, they can not quit thinking of what the future holds and they are always trying to catch the future and they believe that they are able to catch it. Yet they do not understand that they never will. They live their lives trying to plan for their future as if they actually control nature. Then there are some people that live in the present, this rare group of people has learned that they control only what is real, what is right in front of them where they can touch it. Which one are you? Do you live in the past where negative things can exist and where failed plans and crushed dreams are piled?

Do you live in the future, always thinking of what you must do, where you must go, and living life by a time clock? Maybe you live your life so planned out that there is nothing that can change your plans because they are ingrained in you, or have you found that true peace lies in the present and that this is the only real world? No matter what category you fit into this book is for you and it will teach you something, I am sure.


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