Hire a personal Starseed Psychic for 1 year



Like to use psychic services? Do you wish you didn’t have to pay every time you had a question or request? Check this out! We are now offering a full year of psychic services for 1 price. Ask up to 2 questions, of your assigned psychic, everyday for 365 days in a row! WOW! Not only that but your subscription gives you 365 day access to the entire arsenal of starseedpsychics.com. That means access to all the services we offer at no additional cost, from Reiki healing to any type of reading.

If you are looking to invest in starseedpsychics.com this is the best way to do so. Live chat, full access to the entire site all for 1 year. Can’t pay for the service all at once? No problem! If you use our integrated Paypal “pay later” feature, you can now pay monthly and there is no danger of losing your service or money because Starseed Psychics will be paid the total amount by Paypal immediately, your payments will simply go through Paypal. Any problems will NOT affect your subscription access, you are locked in for a full year no matter if you choose to stop making payments or not!


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