Future Life Reading


Future Life Reading based on your Akashic Records reading


Our Future Life Reading is based on your Akashic Records, the study of Karma, and the teachings of the Wheel of Life.

This service will reveal 5 PAST LIFETIMES (Akash Records) AND your next life. The findings from this access and details of your current life WILL reveal your FUTURE LIFE (reading). The life you can expect to live next! After doing hundreds of Akashic Records readings and over 30 years of studies based on Karma and the Wheel of Life, we CAN reveal your next life.

Many of you have heard of the Akashic Records Readings we offer. Many of you have experienced the profound information we can summon and were impressed. So, without further wait, we offer you the new service we call, “Future Life Reading”. We have offered Akashic Records Readings for four years, which has been an enormous success. Recently Master Psychic Spiritwalker was given insight by a spirit in the spirit realm. A message was sent through another Blu-Ray Starseed client of his as to a new service we are meant to offer.  As of 6/30/22 Starseed Psychics (www.starseedpsychics.com) is the only online psychic service that offers this reading.

We are the only ones on Etsy.com offering the Future Life Reading service. Given to him by the spirits and told to offer it and even told how to do it, it is a service that humanity needs, and is direct from the source.

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