Feng Shui Room Reading



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of properly aligning everything in a room with Chi (universal energy). When the chi is off in a room the energy in that room can become stagnant and dangerous. Illness can result for all that enter the room, the effects of living with stagnant chi can funnel down through the different areas of your life impacting relationships, careers, finances, even your intimate areas of life. Properly aligning the room so the chi does not become stagnant and to work with the universe to bring you good fortune and success, you need a Feng Shui expert.

Starseed Master Psychic Spiritwalker is a Feng Shui expert and will look at your room pictures and write up a detailed report on how to properly arrange your room based on Feng Shui. Note- The picture can also be of an office space or anywhere you wish to Feng Shui properly.


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