Dyed purple Agate and Lava stone bracelet


Handmade lava stone and dyed agate bracelet by Starseed Creations


Handmade glass bead bracelet.

Dyed Agate, and lava stone on a .8mm elastic cord.

-Pull-on bracelet

-20 beads total (10 Dyed Agate stones, 10 Lava stones.)

-Color is purple and black.

Agate Benefits:

It possesses amazing healing properties

Agate Stone can help your business grow

It comes in a Rainbow of Colors

It promotes positive energy

The best-known benefit of the Agate stone is its psychological protection. This stone, which is a powerful energy, reduces tension and stress and reduces the incompatibility of the person.

Lava Stone Benefits:

Lava Stone has very grounding benefits to it is known to calm and balance the emotions. This stone is also very useful when solving problems and will assist you in doing so in a calm and logical manner.

Did you know? That you can scent and infuse your grounding Lava Beads with essential oils? Lava Stone is an amazing essential oil diffuser due to its porous nature. These stones are perfect for Aromatherapy! You can purchase essential oils directly from us with your bracelet! 

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs


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