“Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual- Cleanse Your Soul’s Past Life Karma- White Magic, Spell craft


“Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual- Cleanse Your Soul’s Past Life Karma- White Magic, Spellcraft



“Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual

*New For 2023*

The “Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual will ensure the complete dilution of all negative karma from one past life. You may be repaying and learning the lessons of this karma, in this life. 100% dilution, to a point that your life will definitely improve starting immediately. You will definitely notice the change and the improvement that begins showing up in your current life. If you’ve ever had an Akashic Records reading and been told that you are living a life that is full of karmic repayment or lessons that need to be learned based on karmic actions and felt what it is like to realize you have no control over the life you live now and that you must deal with that karma, it can be a daunting experience.

Our “Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual can help! Zen Buddhism, the oldest lifestyle on earth, teaches us that karma cannot be erased but it can be diluted to a point where you won’t even realize that you’re repaying this or learning lessons based on it. and also this ensures that moving into your future life will not be full of karma from this past life or other past lives. This involves a lot of chanting and a monastic lifestyle. It is practically a lifetime job. However, having direct access to the akashic records files of thousands of clients gives me the ability to help you. I’ve also had direct access to the spirit realm for the past 35 years. This enables me to have some benefits which I will use to change this for you.

We hope you consider the “Cleanse The Past” Psychic Ritual.


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