“Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual- Awaken Your Soul’s Clairgustance Ability- White Magic, Spell craft


“Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual- Awaken Your Soul’s Clairgustance Ability- White Magic, Spellcraft


“Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual

*NEW for 2023!*

Have you ever wanted to simply awaken and have the psychic abilities the universe has planned for you NOW? No more waiting until you are in your 40’s or 50’s, as is normal, to awaken. This ritual will be done on the next full moon and will be done in nature where I like to use natural items for alters and tools. Our “Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual will awaken the Clairgustance ability that you were meant to come into power with, almost immediately, instead of having to wait until a certain time in your life. You will gain the ability to discern truth and hidden information in all living beings through Clairgustance insight. Clairgustance literally means “Clear Smelling”.

It is the psychic ability to experience scents the spirits will share with you which will reveal hidden messages (mentally) and information associated with a certain smell. For instance, your father was a strong coffee drinker. A Clairgustance psychic would connect with the spirit and the proof would become apparent through a random strong coffee smell filling a space. This has happened to me personally. When my father died, I was randomly having my spaces, car, bedroom, etc., fill with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It would be very random and last for a few minutes and then dissipate. Happened for a few weeks until he was reincarnated again. This “Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual will do the same for you!

You may start to have strange and random scent sensations, even discern words in your mind which are messages, because the spirits will be in tune with you now and be sending you information. You will be able to work as a psychic after opening every ability afforded to you on reincarnation. Let me open your third eye, 100’s have already experienced what I can do. After all, I am a Blu-ray Indigo-born Starseed, and my connection to the spirit realm is advanced beyond measure. We hope you consider the “Clairgustance Awakening” Psychic Ritual by Starseed Psychics.

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Time Frame

Immediately (24-72 hrs), Next Full Moon


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