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Clairempathy, picture reading. Pictures can tell stories too. Maybe you are an investigator that needs answers to pictures taken in your line of work or possibly law enforcement with the same. Maybe you just have many pictures you need answers for, a subscription is the way to go to save you money.

Hire a Starseed Psychic as your personal psychic for 30 days. Save HUNDREDS! Service rated 5 stars! A personal psychic at your whim…just think of that! Just like celebrities and the elite have on their payroll! Anytime you need answers you can have a psychic’s skills available to you at a moment’s notice. A monthly subscription will get you your psychic’s entire arsenal of psychic power. Just think, you can contact your psychic and ask any questions you want for 30 days, up to 3 questions a day to use anytime you wish! No waiting on reports either, just live answers directly from your psychic when you need them.

Your subscription also gets you VIP support. Which means you do not have to wait in line for your answers. If your psychic is online and your answer comes through, they will stop what they are doing and answer your questions. You will have a month of constant access via live chat Google Hangouts to contact your psychic anytime, anywhere.

Can’t pay for the service all at once? No problem! If you use our integrated Paypal “pay later” feature, you can now pay monthly and there is no danger of losing your service or money because Starseed Psychics will be paid the total amount by Paypal immediately, your payments will simply go through Paypal. Any problems will NOT affect your subscription access, you are locked in no matter if you choose to stop making payments or not!


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