Akashic Records Psychic Reading



Who were you, where did you live, how did you die, what was your race, nationality, etc. Akashic Records readings are Shaman work. Our psychics, using a Shamanic trance, will go into the spirit realm to learn these answers and more and provide a detailed report for you. This will result in a  very detailed and long-drawn-out story of your soul’s journey through many lifetimes (usually about 5-6 lifetimes per access

Many questions will be answered and you could learn of skills you had in previous lives that could be picked back up in this life without any further training…such as playing the piano. Because of the detailed nature of the Akashic Records reading, no specific questions are needed from the client.

Warning: Akashic Records readings can be intense and reveal shocking information such as animal lives you lived and deaths you experienced.


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