Akashic Records Guidance Subscription



The Akashic Records Guidance subscription is unique to Starseed Psychics.

If you have not read Master Spiritwalker’s blog on Akashic Records, you can read it here.

With this subscription, you are subscribing to constant guidance on how to change your life to the life you want and need based on the information your psychic gathers from your Akashic Records. So the initial starting point here is your psychic will access your Akashic Records, and provide a very in-depth, detailed reading for you of your past life/lives. From there, your psychic advisor will work with you on how to manifest and create the life you want, which will be possible with the knowledge gained from your Akashic Records.

Including, but not limited to, help with overcoming addictions, manifesting things in your life, getting on your correct life path, ridding your life of past life karma, and learning how to overcome things in your life that are influenced based on the things found in your Akashic records, daily affirmations and checkups to help keep you on track, basically whatever you need assistance within your life that your advisor deems necessary. Using the information found in your Akashic Records your Psychic Advisor will become the best person to help you in many areas of your life through the Akashic Records Guidance subscription.


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